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I. Book & Seminar --  II. Intro to Apologetics -- III. Theology In the Trenches

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I. a BOOK & a SEMINAR --                          

Do You know how to                                            
 *W i n*  the  Sex &  Gender  Wars                                             
with   T r u t h   &   C o m p a s s i o n ???
(G o d  does...)   Do you Care enough to do....?

Spiritually and Intellectually aggressive Re-Sources
for Christian living in a PRE-Christian age.

Western Civilization is Christian Civilization.
The Biblical re-conversion of the West is a Necessary & Winnable Battle...

"The logical end of defensive war is surrender..." (Napoleon)
                                                Christians must take the intellectual, moral, & spiritual offensive...

II. Quick Intro to Christian Apologetics

 [See also "Apologetics -- What is it?"   Apologetics Library ]

The reconversion of the West (see the Great Commission") means the resolution of the following 6 hard issues --
in each of which secularized Western Civ. has collapsed into mindless (and inevitable) post-modernism
-- with no reasonable answers to the following.   

1. E-pi-ste-mo-lo-gy - (do they make words with 6 syllables...???)
        How do we know what we know?

2. Metaphysics -- Is there anything substantial behind the booming, buzzing "phenomena" of life....?

3. Worldview -- What does the cosmos look like? 

                   a. the Biblical picture -- an open system created by
                the most complete, particular, and personal being,   

        b. the secular/pagan picture -- a closed system evolving out of
              the least complete, least particular, & least personal substance?    

        c. ...and what difference does it make? 

4. Morality -- Is there a reason for our existence?

5. Anthropology / psychology -- What does it mean to be a "somebody"
rather than a "nobody"?

6. The Public Arena - How do we apply the results of the above to politics, education,
raising families, sexuality,
commerce, personal health, and other areas of our

common life -- where "the rubber hits the road"? 

III. Theology in the Trenches....

Given the domination in the West by the secular/pagan worldview, the task of upholding a Judeo-Christian view looks daunting, but cheer up, things are not so bad as they might seem.   There are solid Biblical answers in all of the above areas. 

Strange though it may seem to our secularized ears, the Biblical doctrine of creation has never been developed in a systematic manner, pulling out its full implications.  Had Christians done this, the theory of evolution would have had serious competition.  The theory of evolution cannot hold a candle to a developed doctrine of creation.  Not logically, not empirically.  (See Personality, Empiricism, & God.)

So, on the Road==>>, we will be asking, among other things:

What would happen if we took God's invitation seriously to "Come, let us reason together..."?   What if we accepted His invitation to meet Him and each other in a level playing field, putting truth ahead of everything else, including our own agendas, especially our religious agendas

And what would happen if we took the doctrine of creation seriously, following out its logical implications?  What if we followed out the logic of God being Creator ex-nihilo and therefore sovereign over all things -- meaning all things? 

What if we took seriously the notion of a cosmos which is essentially personal, in which the basic entities are persons, not things (such as atoms), not Ideas (as with Plato), not a Nothing (Nirvana, as with Buddhism), but persons, and that the whole of the cosmos of space/time is created and designed for the building of a personal relation with God and each other? 

That is the logical implication of the two Great Commandments -- to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  It might just turn out to be the logical implication also of the Intelligent Design notion which is giving fits to supporters of evolution.

Can such a view stand with intellectual credibility?  For starters, see Personality, Empiricism, & God, a rewriting of the cosmological argument for the existence of God -- and its implications. 

The results are nothing less than astonishing.  Recovery of an intellectually credible doctrine of creation would transform our views of theology, philosophy, science, evolution, sex and gender, politics, economics, education.... just for starters. 

Jesus said that the gate and the road to life was narrow, and few there be that find it.  He said that He is the way, the truth, and the life, and that no one comes to the Father but through Himself.   

How can one reconcile such radically exclusive claims with intellectual freedom and personal integrity -- ?

Science, political freedom, (such as a democratic republic), and freemarket capitalism came out of Biblical, not secular or pagan, roots.  Science is the Way of the Cross for the intellect -- giving up our right to be right, and letting the truth and the Lord of truth speak for themselves.  They speak through the observable, historical, and logical evidence --  if we will let them. 

So, if, as Jesus said (John 8:31 ff.), keeping His commandments would lead to the truth which would set us free, then following Jesus is a journey into open, candid truth-seeking -- as in, "Come, let us reason together...." -- meaning, "Let's have a reality-check!"  (Isaiah 1:18) 

God and common sense both tell us that a false god cannot do what it says it will do (see Isaiah 43-44).  A Biblical test for the true God is whether he (or it) can keep his (it's) promises.   If Jesus is the narrow road to the Father, and if the cross is the narrow gate, we can rightly ask Jesus to prove His own case.  Can Jesus, as He promises, really lead to the Father, set us free, and get us going on that Narrow Road? 

God holds the intellectual high ground, not the philosophers, not the scientists, not the academicians.   And He wants to teach all those folks (and all the rest of us) how to stand with Him on that ground.   The Kingdom of God is built on truth -- or it is not built at all.  

Why a Judeo-Christian website?  Because everything Christians believe rests on the prior foundation of our Hebrew spiritual ancestors.  Without the Biblical doctrine of creation, there could be no Christianity.  The Biblical cosmology is unique among world religions.  There is nothing like it anywhere else.  Most of the key passages in both the Old and New Testaments have no parallel in pagan or secular literature. 

Christians and Jews do have significant differences, primarily over the Messiah.  But the Old Testament is "old" for Christians, not in the sense of "outdated", but in the sense of "ancient wisdom", of "foundational".   We Christians are cutting our own throats when we make enemies of our Jewish spiritual ancestors.  We must hold each other accountable to the common rules of truth, righteousness, and love --  while we share our differences and celebrate our unity. 

Evangelism, as honest, respectful, and graceful (public or private) sharing of what we believe, is part of what life is about -- and then let truth and the Lord of truth win by their own persuasive power (as with Elijah, I Kings 18, on Mount Carmel).  We have been cowardly about letting go and letting God.... 

In almost all the major contentious issues abroad today (including the six listed above), Jews and Christians share a common interest because we share a basic common worldview.  We must make common cause, even as we speak to each other about our differences, because the worldview of the Fall is the enemy of both Judaism and Christianity.  

Welcome to the Wide World of Christian Apologetics
"When  T r u t h  Wins  -- E v e r y b o d y  Wins"

[See also "Apologetics -- What is it?"   Apologetics Library]

Embark through the Narrow Gate
on your Journey Perilous into (yes!) the fullness of Reality,
the Best of All Possible Worlds --

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