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* Culture War *

Apologetics Sites to Visit

(See "Science & Religion" sites also)

AFA - American Family Assn. - Don Wildmon - A fighter

Vishal Mangalwadi -  former Hindu, one of the best Christian apologists alive. 

Ravi Zacharias, another former Hindu, superb in his explaining of the Christian faith

American Vision  

Apologetics Press -

CEANet - Christian Education Awareness Network - Phil Fernandes, Bremerton, WA

Christian Coalition International (Canada)

First ThingsRichard John Neuhaus et al - Supreme Court betrayal of democracy - 11/96

Gospel Communications Network - WebSite for many ministries

ICL - Inst. for Christian Leadership

International Academy for Freedom of Religion & Belief 

Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies -- O. Gruenwald, et al.

Lambert Dolphin -  

Leadership University - Resources Galore

Mission America -- on the culture war - Confronting the homosexual and other issues

Pascal Center - Redeemer College, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

Probe Ministries - Active apologetics materials - Aimed at College Students et al

OCAF - Oklahomans for Children and Family - Internet Porn

SCP - Spiritual Counterfeits Project

Summit Ministries - David Noebel - Equipping Tomorrow's Leaders - Worldview issues

Trinity Forum - Oz Guiness

VICU - Vision International College & University - Ramona, CA -- a Christian extension course university (They use Earle Fox's Biblical Inner Healing in their pastoral counseling courses.) 

Watchman Fellowship

Zacharias, Ravi

The Death of Britain -- link to article by Christie Davies -- a comment on the spiritual war for Western Civ.  The deliberate erosion of the Biblical worldview must lead to moral and therefore political chaos.

The Truth Project  --  Focus on the Family --   Worldview issues are catching on...! 

From the Dark Side

Communist Manifesto - Political Science Dept at SUNY Buffalo

Internet Infidels - Humanist Manifesto I and II (...go to Library/Modern Documents)      A great place to test your Christian mettle.  

The Lilith Connection - Lilith is a pagan goddess of seduction and death

http://www.crossroad.to/text/links.html  Berit Kjos (a Christian warrior) has a page with links to sites which support 1 world government.   Good resource for getting the "other side's" program first hand.   Scroll down on the page. 

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