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The Separation of School & State is the most important systemic issue before America today.  No other systemic change will do more to change America for the better. 

See the Real Wall Between Church & State.

Getting civil government totally and without remainder out of education is one of the most important constitutional issues in America (and for any free people).  The arguments against civil government controlling education are precisely the same as those against government control of religion.  Both form the hearts and minds of the populace.   A free people will never, never, never, allow government to control their thought any more than their worship.   See Education Library for more information on  separating School from State.


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which may point to other websites as well as those indicated below.

HotBot - A Good Education Search Engine -

Christian Schools

VICU - Vision International College & University - Ramona, CA -- a Christian extension course university (They use Earle Fox's Biblical Inner Healing in their pastoral counseling courses, and also Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?   for an apologetics course..) 

Separation of School & State

Separation of School and State - Marshall Fritz  (A  KEY  ReSource)

www.educationnews.org    A super site on education issues.  Keep up to date on the state of education vs. government dys-education. 

Exodus Mandate -  Ray Moore -- getting our children out of the clutches of government education ('clutches' is used advisedly...)

Get the Kids Out - on the Baptist resolution to withdraw all children from the public school system. 

AERO - Alternative Education Resource Organization - Jerry Mintz 

Gatto, John Taylor - and the Odysseus Group.   Gatto is one of the finest speakers on education anywhere to be found.  And his Odysseus Group is bound to make a big difference in American education....    They have some powerful resources available on reforming education. 

Home Schooling:

CyberKids -

KinderCare -

LearnAtHome - Info for special needs children

Mary Pride's Homeschool World - One of the best on HOMESCHOOLING

National Center for Policy Analysis - Home Schooling, Vouchers, etc

Reconciliation Press - John Jenkins - Christian literature -

MACHE - Maryland Assn. of Christian Homeschool Educators

HSLDA - Home School Legal Defense Assn.  

www.educationnews.org    A super site on education issues.  Keep up to date on the state of education vs. government dys-education. 

Sites gleaned informally from an Education E-Mail Loop:

AMATH  - Pre-algebra remediation course - Ward Woodruff

Arizona Parents for Traditional Education - Excellent Resource

Berit Kjos' website - Crossroad - Excellent info on state of culture war, education, occult, etc.   

Jeff's Planet - the Case Against Block Scheduling & other matters -- Jeff Lindsay

Bruns, Brian -

CEE - Citizens for Excellence in Education - Bob Simonds

EXODUS 2000 - Let My Children Go!!!  --  The Rev. "Curt" Tomlin  -

Fessler, Diana #1 - Ohio St. Bd of Ed member -- a FIGHTER...!  Pray for her...!

Fessler, Diana #2 - Election site for Diana Fessler

Free World Research Site - Wayne Wolfe

Read by Grade 3 - Jimmy Kilpatrick from Texas

Kossor, Steve - Psychologist   (Excellent critiques of government and education)

LEARN - Education & Research Network - Lynn Stuter

New Hampshire - Doris Hohensee - NH Supreme Court vs. Free Education

Southern Style - Online Magazine of Conservative Thought - Sharman Ramsey

Riggs Institute - Phonetics/Whole Language

TCAN - The Christian ALERT Network - "LET MY CHILDREN GO!!!"

Miscellaneous Sites

21st Century Teachers - Lots of links

Almanac of Educational Choices

Betty Peters - in Alabama State Ed system -- good resource for on the front lines.  www.bettypeters.net

Center for Ed Reform -

Commonwealth Education Organization - a Pennsylvania group

Education Commission of the States - Pushing for early intervention in infant education

Education Week - Premier secular education magazine

Education World - a good education Search Engine

Educational Excellence  -- Info on "vouchers" etc.  

ERIC - Educational Resources Info Network - Large ed database

Goals 2000 - Kathleen Sundaram

GYN Exam - in PA - Keeping track of exam events

Heritage - section on education issues, school choice

Issues in Education -- Bob & Geri Boyd

Manufactured Crisis??? - a Rebuttal to the claim that there is "No Crisis" in Education

Michigan: Mackinac Ctr for Public Policy - Michigan think tank - Pro Separation School/State

National Educational Goals Panel -

OCPA  - OK Council of Public Affairs - See Aldo Bernaro article on School-to-Work

OERI - US Dept of Ed Office of Educational Research & Improvement - 10 Regional Labs

Parents Against Bad Books in Schools -- www.PABBIS.com

Princeton U.

Riggs Institute - Failure and recovery in the reading disaster

"School to Work" - Oregon

School-To-Work (STW) WebSites with the Truth Spelled Out 

TeachNet - Online Edition

Mandatory Health Screening - *.pdf file -- more of federal government intrusion into an area it has no right to be.  One more loss of freedom, one more demeaning of parenthood.   Home page at Commonwealth Education Organization (in Pennsylvania). 


PA Dept of Ed - Regulations - a PDF file requiring Adobe Acrobat (downloadable from the site)

US Dept of Ed - Links on "outcomes", Goals 2000, etc.

US Dept of Ed Strategic Plan - Read carefully...!

US Education Code

Virginia, Fairfax   Parents for Improved Education - Maureen Lawrie

VPIE - Paula Wesson, Stowe, Vermont






ReSources on the Destruction of American Education --  Charlotte Iserbyt -- a rare find for information and background on how it all happened. 

Other Pro Govt Ed Sites

Robert Muller School - with links to related  "Globalist" sites ("People for Peace", "Conflict Resolution", etc.)

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