Islamic Websites

The links below relate to some sources critical of Islam:

Includes Islamic Invasion; Winning the War Against Radical Islam on the subsequent page.  Robert Morey adequately documents his writings. His church is in Santa Ana.

Has: Common Logical Fallacies Made by Muslims, Is the 'Allah' of the Qur'an the True Universal God?, Jihad According to the Qur'an and the Hadith, and two more on the next page.

Mohammed's Believe It or Else! is a comical collection of ridiculous ideas from authoritative Islamic sources.

Craig Winn has spent many years analyzing Islam after meeting with authentic terrorists and finding them chillingly irrational.  He investigated the sources which so many embrace radically.  His site has extensive material, including online versions of some of his books with topical organization:

The good news is that so many Muslims can receive the Gospel when they finally hear the full truth.

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