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Life Sites

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which may point to other websites as well as those indicated below.

** Abortion, the Bible, & America - the Preborn Person Deserves the Same Protection as the Born Person -   a talk given at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA  October 23, 2010.   E. Fox   With extended PDF revision.  Book by this title on its way.... 

** Encouragement for Pro-Lifers (& others) in the Midst of Failure.    E. Fox 

Abortion is NOT Legal...   Not anywhere in the United States -- Dr. Herbert Titus, Constitutional lawyer. 

American Right to Life - split off from National Right to Life over the Personhood Amendment (which NRTL will apparently not defend).

ALL - American Life League - Judie Brown

Anglicans for Life -- Georgette Forney, President --  An excellent resource for pro-life evangelism ( http://www.anglicansforlife.org/ ). 

Eagle Forum -

FRC - Family Research Council - Gary Bauer

Human Life International

The Irish Times - Review of Pro-Life Feminists book

http://www.LifeSiteNews.com/ -- a super Catholic website, mainly on Life issues, but sexuality and others also. 

www.loyaltoliberty.com   Go to website of Alan Keyes , Loyal to Liberty -- for a good foundation on political freedom and our constitution.

One More Soul -

Missionaries to the Unborn (MTTU.com)

National Pro-Life Alliance  (NPLA) sponsors "Life at Conception" Act (H.R. 618)--  Call your Representative (202 224-3121) and ask for his or her position on this.  It specifies that life begins at conception, effectively overturning Roe v. Wade.  Our Constitution guarantees protection of government for any person, and "Life at Conception" would be an official government acknowledgement that that is the case. 
        It is much easier to get people to be pro-babies than to be anti-abortion.  Put the pressure on your Congressmen.  We have destroyed the lives of what are rightfully nearly 50,000,000 American citizens.  America has blood on its hands.  We MUST set this right before God and man. 

PERSONHOODUSA.COM -- Yes!!!  This is THE ISSUE!   Visit this website and get on board.  We are all persons in the sight of God and therefore necessarily in law, from conception on.      E. Fox.

Project Rachel - National Ofc. of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing

ProLife Profiles -- the documented facts on those who are and are not really pro-life.  Some only pretend to be.  A service of the American Right to Life.

ProLife Action League - Joe Scheidler

ProLife Directory - List of Life WebSites - Peter Barry, Ambridge, PA

Regulating" Abortion -- at the American Right to Life website.  Regulating abortion (rather than ending it) only makes the matter worse, not better.  Murder, a fundamental evil, must be stopped, not regulated

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice - the case from the dark side

RNC - Republican National Coalition for Life


Euthanasia Sites

      IAETF - International Anti-Euthanasia Taskforce  

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