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Politics & Government - Sites to Visit

 The legitimate politically "conservative" position hinges on certain central issues, chiefly (1) limited government under God and (2) national sovereignty under God.  Some of the following sites engage in these issues.  

 There will be a "one-world government" (of  necessity -- because the world is shrinking), but we must insist that we will be a part of it only on the same terms of limited government under God that our Declaration and Constitution mandate -- and which our leaders are consciously violating with impunity.   Limited government under God is a KEY ISSUE because if we lose that battle, all other issues will be lost as well.  Christians are also a "one world government" people.  We know who the Governor is.   And that should be our message from America --  "If you want political freedom -- you can have it only under Jesus Christ."  All else eventually erodes into one form of totalitarianism or another. 

Peace to all, E. Fox.



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The Dark Side

Globalism - Conspiracy





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Note:  See Road Map for relevant libraries
which may point to other websites as well as those indicated below.


The Death of Britain -- link to article by Christie Davies -- a comment on the spiritual war for Western Civ.  The deliberate erosion of the Biblical worldview must lead to moral and therefore political chaos.

"An End to Judicial Tyranny?"   link to article by by Thomas R. Eddlem.  (Read How to Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary by Dr. Edwin Vieira, a superb book on this issue.  Available from Vision Forum Ministries, www.visionforum.org )

The World's Smallest Political Quiz -- see where you fit.... 
Link to site - click on picture of quiz on upper right

http://www.notspecter.com/ -- link to assessment of Arlen Specter's political impact.  Any man promoting abortion should be targeted for defeat. 

News With Views   http://www.newswithviews.com/  --  one of the best sources of commentary available

Taxes  that were not here 100 years ago....

Salt & Light - Dave Jeffers -- on Renewal in America...   See also http://www.saltandlightblog.com/  and http://davidjeffers.thevanguard.org

Renew America --  a superb Biblically oriented website with many good reviews

Contact Your Elected Officials

Contact your elected officials (at the Family Research Council website)

Globalism - Conspiracy Websites  --  See Politics Library

One World Order - by Conquest or by Consent???  -- Deanna Spingola --  This first link is to parts 1-3.  For part 4 go to http://www.newswithviews.com/Spingola/deanna44.htm ; for Part 5,  go to http://www.newswithviews.com/Spingola/deanna45.htm
        We are in a contest between the same-old Tower of Babel and Jesus as Lord.  On the geo-political arena, all else is sideshow.  We have the winning weapons and winning ammunition, but who on the Lord's side is shooting?  Where are the Lord's witnesses?  We Western Christians have been turned into spiritual idiots and cowards.  We need not stay that way.  

                Deanna Spingola may or may not have all the facts straight -- she has the usual cast of characters and organizations, which no one can nail down accurately, I suspect, because they stay well behind the scenes.  But she understands the general problem.  The One Worlders fear a renewed Judeo-Christianity above all else, but I think she does not understand why that is so, or how to bring that renewal about.  All faithful Judeo-Christians are in for an "interesting" time.  See article below on theocracy. 

*Reality Zone -- G. Edward Griffin --   excellent on New World Order issues, Fed. Reserve, etc. 
See also Freedom Force  and The Quigley Formula   Griffin has an excellent book and CD on how the Federal Reserve was created: The Creature from Jekyll Island 

Waco - link to "The Rules of Engagement" - documentary on govt. obsession for control.  See review.

http://www.crossroad.to/text/links.html  Berit Kjos (a Christian warrior) has a page with links to sites which support secular One World Government.   Good resource for getting the "other side's" program first hand.   Scroll down on the page. 

Lost Horizons -  Pete Hendrickson -- a superb researcher on the IRS.  Surprises in store....  Read his book, Cracking the Code on the IRS.  An eye-opener.  Since the Code was put on the web, it has been available for serious inspection for the first time, he says, because it is now easily searchable, and therefore exposable for its contradictions and scam potential. 

The Cutting Edge -  Some good material on the occult in politics.  The Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings, etc.

Government Sites

Library of Congress -- Religion & the Founding of the American Republic -

Supreme Court Website --

Virginia Legislators -- email addresses


ACLJ - American Center for Law and Justice - Jay Seculow

AHGO - Americans for Hope, Growth, & Opportunity - Steve Forbes

Annex Research Home Page -

Constitution Society -

F.E.A.R - Forfeiture Endangers American Rights

Family Research Council - An occasionally acceptable watchdog in Washington - strays off course often toward appeasement of pretend conservatives. 

Heritage Foundation - Conservative Think Tank (Kosher on One World Govt issues??)

John Birch Society - Home Page

John Birch Society - Another Site  -  Conservative action group

The New American -- John Birch Society publication -- generally quite good.  

Liberty Matters - Excellent materials on all facets of US government

Policy Review -  Conservative monthly - good articles

Reaffirmation of the American Founding - Balint Vazsonyi, Pianist and Patriot

Republican Party  - Enigma.  Will the GOP stand straight and tall for truth?  So far (2010) not doing well.  Try the American Independent Party at www.AIPNews.com  

Rutherford Inst. - Legal helps for Christians in need.

Vindex - Vin Suprynowicz Libertarian - Impeach the Judges!

USTaxPayers' Party - Alternative to a tired and corrupt Republican party

Virginia Votes.net -- your one-stop site for political information, voting, etc. in Virginia

We - the People  --  proactive group forcing civil government to respond to the people's petitions.

Political Sites --  See Politics Library

CONSTITUTION PARTY --  the ONLY party with a Biblical understanding of civil government...

*American Independent Party --  probably the only party which seeks to unite Biblical faith with politics.  Christians wake up!

The American View -- Website representing the Constitution Party viewpoint --  The ONLY political party with a Biblical view of politics.  Some excellent materials on abortion and Judge Alito -- things may not be as advertised. 

Jury Duty #1 -  Being fully informed...

Keyes 2000 - Alan Keyes --

The Wynnewood Institute -  Classical liberalism, with limited government and freedom of choice, combined with conservatism, which points out that some of the things we can do with our freedom are very much better than others.  Looks really good, except that they do not appear to understand the role of Biblical Christianity in undergirding such ideas. 

National Debt Clock -

North, Gary - Christian Reconstructionist - free books   (needs Java capable browser)

Rep. Gingrich, Newt - His course on "Renewing American Civilization"  - Newt is a "?"  

Rep. Bob Goodlatte - Internet freedom and decency issues

Stout, Bob & Christine - their Conservative Home Page

West, Samuel - 1776 sermon on Right of Rebellion --   This is a SUPERB piece on the logic of the American revolution -- not a rebellion, but a conservative revolution.  The American colonies had not violated their charters with the King of England, it was the king who had consistently violated those charters.  See the website, sermon, and articles. 

The August Review -- edited by Patrick Wood -- excellent on the Globalist movement. 

www.lexrex.com --


Oklahoma City, TWA Flight 800, and the Gorelick connection -- Link to more evidence that the full and true story behind the OK City bombing remains to be told.  There was, for certain, massive government cover up going on.  And still is. 

Waco - link to "The Rules of Engagement" - documentary on govt. travesty of justice.  See review.

See material on 9-11 at http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/21PbAr/Pl/9-11TwinTwrsFall.htm    Do search on 9-11 in search page.  


From "the other" Side  -  
There is a war between the forces of dark and light.  Even though there may be honest and sincere people who are socialists, socialism is not on the side of the Light.  God educates to the point of freedom, government educates to the point of control.  God invites into a freewill covenant and forms human government on that basis, socialist government coerces into a bureaucratic bondage.  

     We are at war, and it is not always easy to tell friend from foe.  As Augustine said, "The Church has many that God does not, and God many that the Church does not."  So take the division of dark and light on this page with a small grain of salt.  On the other hand, your E. Fox has no hesitation in saying that some of the policies promoted by some folks on these websites are not only stupid and ignorant, they are wicked and in rebellion against truth and against the Lord of truth.  For more info on distinguishing friend from foe, see "Truth Is the Strategy" articles in the Apologetics Library.  

     On the other hand, we very much appreciate any attempt on any side to promote honest dialogue -- which is rare enough on all sides.  So go find out what the other side is saying.  

      ACLU - Occasionally helps defend the innocent, but their track record seems to put them more on the side of setting us up for socialism and tyranny.  

      New Socialist - Keep abreast of what the other side is up to

      Objectivist Studies - Individual as basis for morality - Ayn Rand, etc.  Libertarian philosophy.  Note: God is a "libertarian", i.e. a God of liberty and limited govt.  But only with God will it work.  The individual logically cannot be a basis for morality - nor in practice sustain limited government.  

      PAW - People for the American Way - their list of the far right (i.e., us Christians, etc.) -- To their credit, they ask for honest dialogue.  

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