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Science, Philosophy, & Religion Sites

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Religion and science are being combined and researched from nearly every imaginable point of view. Both "religion" and "science" are labels that everyone wants to have on their side.  So you can expect to meet people who in fact understand both, one or the other, or neither in this discussion.

Note:  See Road Map for relevant libraries
which may point to other websites as well as those indicated below.

Contents:  Christian Resources;   Creation vs. Evolution;   DeBunking

Christian Re-Sources

RZIM --  Ravi Zacharias Ministries -- superb apologist for the Christian faith and Biblical worldview

ASA - American Scientific Affiliation

George C. Marshall Inst. - Watchdog on Science and Public Policy Issues --  (eg. Global Warming)

Pascal Centre - Redeemer College, Anacaster, Ontario

Reasons to Believe - Hugh Ross, astronomer - doing a fantastic job

Science & Spirit - newsletter, events - links to other science sites

Another take on worldview issues - at the Institute for Theonomic Reformation --
            See our Road Worldview Library.

CARBON-SENSE.COM -- Website for common sense info on carbon dioxide in the air...

Creation vs. Evolution Websites

Phillip Johnson's website -- author of Darwin on Trial and many other books critiquing the "evolution" movement (really, the evolution religion). 

www.CommonSenseScience.org  --  a radical rewriting of the fundamentals of science -- in a common-sense manner.  These people are undoing much of the nonsense promoted by relativity and quantum mechanics.   See if you think they are right on target... 






www.arn.org  --  Access Research Network --  excellent resources available


www.discovery.org  --  Discovery Institute --  full of good stuff

    Survival of the Fakest --  link to the Discovery Institute, an article on Darwinism's fakery. 

www.day-star.org  --  Day Star


http://phylogeny.net  --  Phylogeny


http://www.dakotavoice.com/  --  has occasional debunking stories




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