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Sexuality Sites

[NOTE: with the exception of the sites below "from the dark side", these websites are legitimate places to visit for research into sexuality issues.  They may contain sexually explicit material, but only in an honest effort to get the truth into the open.  If you find exceptions to this, please let us know.   E. Fox]

Note:  See Road Map for relevant libraries
which may point to other websites as well as those indicated below.


ROAD to EMMAUS==>>  - Right here at home - Homosexuality: Good and Right in the Eyes of God?  the Wedding of Truth to Compassion & Reason to Revelation -- An in depth look at homosexuality and how we got into this mess...

Abstinence Clearing House --  The EVIDENCE that ABSTINENCE WORKS.....

Morality in Media - a good anti-porn organization

"Homosexuality 101 - a Primer" -- link to the Traditional Values Coalition website - a good quick summary of the history of homosexuality. 

"And the Two Became One" - The body expresses the person through the biochemistry of unity and indissolubility.  Astonishing....    Embedded in another article, "Catholic Theologian Analyses Pope John Paul II's 'Theology of the Body'".    Excellent articles on how God embeds within our very nature the yearning for gender unity.    Both articles at the NARTH site.

Beverly Eakman - a writer who does her  homework -- with several articles listed on sexuality issues.

http://www.robgagnon.net:80/  Rob Gagnon -- Associate Prof. of New Testament, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Leon Podles -- a Super Website on Gender Issues... and the recovery of Masculinity - Femininity balance.    Get free copy of The Church Impotent


Exodus International --  over 150 worldwide ministries helping people out of homosexuality and other sexual addictions. 

Reality Resources --  an Exodus member ministry helping people with gender identity issues.

Homosexual Agenda - Categorical List of Links to Articles  --  Full of info --   on the Free Republic website

Kinsey - link to article at Concerned Women for America

Lambda Report - Peter LaBarbera: Info on Homosexuality Issue

Massachusetts News - first hand reporting from Massachusetts 

Parents' Rights Coalition -- the site in Massachusetts fighting the "fistgate" battle. 

Reisman, Judith - One of the stoutest in the fight against sexual abuse of our people by the sex industry.  Excellent material for learning about Kinsey and his effect on the law and culture. 

Same-Sex Marriages -- a lot of links to various sites.

Solid Rock Lutherans - Website for Lutheran conservatives who plan to keep ELCA from Episcopal homosexual drift. 

The Empirical Journal of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior --  a peer-reviewed journal attempting to restore open, honest discussion on homosexuality issues.  (October 2007, just getting started.) 

www.jonahweb.org - a Jewish site helping people out of homosexuality...

-- Ministries:

Abiding Truth Ministries - Scott Lively, author of The Pink Swastika on the homosexual currents running through Nazism.   Lively is taking on the "other side" directly and compassionately. 

EXODUS  - Christian ex-gay ministry network (E. Fox has lectured at the Exodus convention since 1989 on how the Biblical view of sex and gender is in and of itself a healing influence.)  

Mastering Life Ministries - Sexual Healing - The Rev. David Kyle Foster (taught at Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry January Term 1997 & at the PFOX conference, March 1997) Lots of  excellent links to other good sites.

P-FOX - Parents & Friends of X-Gays - a Biblical alternative to PFLAG (Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays)


Love in Action --

Adult Children of Homosexual Parents -- Dawn Sefanowicz --  a wonderful story of courage.  And a new resource. 

-- Public Policy Issues:

Abiding Truth --  Scott Lively

American Family Assn.  a listing of several sites, with information

Americans for Truth - Peter LaBarbara - Lambda Report on Homosexuality Information

Article 8 Alliance  --  dealing with the horrendous Massachusetts situation

Bridges Across the Divide - Attempting to create discussion - Maggie Heineman

Citizens for Parents' Rights - Maryland --  An excellent website for information on homosexuality, why it is neither Godly nor safe.  

Concerned Women for America 

Family Research Institute - Paul Cameron -- a website with loads of health information

Mission America -- on the culture war - Confronting the homosexual and other issues

-- Health -- Life Span Issues:

Family Research Institute - Paul Cameron -- a website with loads of health information -- including lifespan

Jnl of Human Sexuality --  Dr. George Rekers

Lifespan info at the International Journal of Epidemiology (at Oxford UP) -- "If the same pattern of mortality were to continue, we estimate that nearly half of gay and bisexual men currently aged 20 years will not reach their 65th birthday. Under even the most liberal assumptions, gay and bisexual men in this urban centre are now experiencing a life expectancy similar to that experienced by all men in Canada in the year 1871."

NARTH - National Ass'n. for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality -  well-documented info on the side of sanity.  

Reisman, Judith - One of the stoutest in the fight against sexual abuse of our people by the sex industry.  Excellent material for learning about Kinsey and his effect on the law and culture. 

Satinover, Jeffrey, MD  --  wrote "Homosexuality & the Politics of Truth" -- one of the best books available on the subject from a psychiatrist. 

Throckmorton.com  --  another psychiatrist


Ordination of Women Issue

(See also Women's Ordination Library)

Louis Tarsitano - Scriptural References with Commentary -- St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Savannah, GA - Scriptural Passages with Commentary -


From the Dark Side -
These sites may contain sexually inappropriate material

Beyond Inclusion - More on the "inclusivity" theme

Planned Parenthood - Sex-ed, pagan style  

San Fransico Chronicle documents porn party - Pan-Sex and Homo-Sex

We Are Family - Growing Up Gay

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