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Financial Arrangements
for Speaking Engagements

Because circumstances vary widely, the following is offered for making financial arrangements --  hopefully to provide the flexibility for meeting varying needs.

In all events, the host would be responsible for transportation, lodging, and meals, plus an honorarium based on the number of persons attending.   Lodging would not normally be a problem, as Dr. Fox prefers to lodge with persons involved in the local ministry where possible.  Where an event is within a day's drive, he would normally drive in order to facilitate transportation of book table materials, at $.40/mile roundtrip mileage reimbursement. 

There would be a guaranteed minimum of 30 persons attending unless special arrangement were made. 

Space and tables would be provided for a book table, with an assistant to help attend the table when necessary. 

In many cases, it is advisable for churches to work together to raise funds and participants. 

The Biblical Agenda for Human Sexuality conference generally runs Friday evening from 7 to 9:30 and Saturday from 9 am to 4 or 5 pm (see Speaking Engagements Page).  Other engagements may differ.   

Hosts might charge whatever would meet their expenses, but honorarium costs for such an event would be normally as follows, with the cost per person descending as the number of persons increases.    The chart assumes a certain per person total gate fee (with the "honorarium part of gate fee" being the amount of the gate fee collected for the Speaker).  

The following is only for example.  When Dr. Fox is free on Sundays, he could preach at the Sunday Service. 


Examples for Friday Afternoon & Evening - 2 pm to 9:30 pm,
& - Saturday - 8:30 am to 4;30 pm
Number of persons & suggested gate fee Total intake beginning @ $30 total gate fee Speaker
30 @ $40 $1200 $900 $300
50 @ $37 $1850 $1387 $463
75 @ $34 $2550 $1910 $640
100 @ $30 $3000 $2250 $750

The $40 gate fee is only "for example".  Again, the Host could charge whatever was felt necessary to cover costs, but the Speaker honorarium obligation would normally remain as above. 

Example for a One-Day Schedule
(assuming 30 persons)
Morning, Afternoon,
&/or Evening slots
Number of slots
& honorarium
part of gate fee
1 slot @ $10 $300
2 slots @ $18 $540
3 slots @ $25 $750

The "1-Day Schedule" format assumes 30 persons, but the same percentages can be worked out for any number of attendees as per the example above for the Friday/Saturday event.   As above, the amount received by the Host would depend on what was charged at the gate.     

For further information, contact Emmaus Ministries.

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