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The History of
Emmaus Ministries, now
The Road to Emmaus

Emmaus Ministries began as a non-profit organization dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through inner healing and through producing basic Christian teaching materials on the well attested principle (Jesus attested to it) that we have nothing to fear from the truth, that the truth indeed sets us free. Emmaus produces spiritually and intellectually aggressive materials for Christian living in a pre-Christian age.

The ministry was founded by Earle Fox in 1983 in the little New England country town of Moodus, Connecticut, for pastoral counseling, where he had been the priest at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church from 1971-81.  During his ten year pastorate, he began the foundations for the book, Biblical Inner Healing, with a series of cassette tapes of a course which ran weekly for two years, exploring the Biblical foundations of our human nature made in the image of God, how that image gets broken, and how the law and grace of God bring us back into His order again -- the freedom of the children of God naturally resulting from wholeness, health, and holiness. 

The need for the healing of the Church and of America prompted an expansion into apologetics.  Emmaus Ministries moved to Norwalk, Connecticut in 1983, where the inner healing workshops and apologetics work expanded, entered the world of computers, and Emmaus Ministries published Biblical Sexuality & the Battle for Science and Biblical Inner Healing.

Emmaus moved to Ambridge, Pennsylvania, in January of 1991 in search of an academic community with Christian believers, a reality which was gathering around the Trinity Episcopal Seminary for Ministry. 

In the spring of 1994, the idea of an electronic bulletin board system (BBS) was proposed for disseminating information concerning the upcoming Episcopal General Convention at Indianapolis that summer. The BBS became The Road to Emmaus.  The work continued after the convention, and moved from the AT&T system to Emmaus Ministries' own computer in Ambridge. 

Early in 1996, after nearly two years of work, the ROAD to EMMAUS attained a full internet connection. In May, the web site was completed, the final major component of the basic BBS structure.  In the process, the ROAD==> became one of the first local internet service providers, garnering all of about 30 customers.  Not many, but enough to pay the bills for the computer and internet development.  The ROAD==>> is no longer an ISP, but continues developing its website to become a fully functioning resource for Christians and other truth-seekers.  American-On-Line (AOL) was more serious about being an internet provider, and I was more serious about Christian apologetics, so they quickly left us in the dust as internet provider.

In December of 1998, Emmaus Ministries became dormant as Dr. Fox moved to Alexandria, Virginia, to become director of Transformation Christian Ministries, an affiliate of Exodus, the network of about 150 ministries around the world helping persons to leave the homosexual lifestyle and begin their normal, God-given heterosexual identities in the Image of God.  He resigned from TCM in May of 2001 to return to Emmaus and apologetics, but now with an emphasis on sexuality issues.  Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? the Wedding of Truth to Compassion and Reason to Revelation, has been published, and Emmaus Ministries now offers a seminar to help teach churches and others how to reach out to and minister to homosexual persons, and how to respond with truth and grace to the homosexualist agenda. 

Emmaus Ministries produces books and articles, and both audio and video tapes on the Biblical understanding of human nature, psychology, emotional healing, sexuality, and Christian apologetics.

Emmaus Ministries, as of May, 2005, moved to Vista, California, working with the Christian Community of Family Ministry to reach out to college and university students.  And then in 2006, Emmaus moved to La Habra, to continue with apologetics, and where I taught for a semester at nearby Biola University. 

Because the name "Emmaus Ministries, Inc." was already in use in California, in 2007, Emmaus Ministries reincorporated in California under the name, The Road to Emmaus, Inc..  We were able to shift to what was already the name of our website, The Road to Emmaus, though we continue with "Emmaus Ministries" as a DBA (Doing Business As...). 

The Road to Emmaus has recently been invited to join forces with The Inter-American Institute.

(Note: The Road to Emmaus is often mistaken for other ministries which use the name 'Emmaus'.  See Other Emmaus's)


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