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Christian Apologetics in a Pre-Christian World
God holds the Intellectual High Ground
and wants to teach us how....

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Emmaus News was rejuvenated in the summer of 2004 to replace the printed version (see below).   The new version is published about twice a month via the internet.   To sign on, send an email to the Road to Emmaus with that request.  

The Emmaus eNews will consist generally of a short article, along with links to the latest items to appear on the Road to Emmaus website --  http://theRoadtoEmmaus.org, thus making easily available a large selection of items from the Road to Emmaus (Earle Fox) and from abroad, on  topics relevant to living the Christian life with intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity. 

the Old Postal EMMAUS NEWS

The Apologetics Monthly from Emmaus Ministries

Issues Currently Available

EMMAUS NEWS was a monthly produced by Emmaus Ministries with in-depth commentary on vital issues facing the Christian community in our "post-modern", pre-Christian atmosphere.

Emmaus News had various series on

homosexuality,   abortion,   education,   politics,   & inner healing.

The editor is Earle Fox, Webmaster of the ROAD to EMMAUS==>>.  Back issues are available in print, and some below here on the ROAD to EMMAUS==>> WebSite.

Many of the article and series of articles have been the seed bed for coming books on issues in politics, education, economics, sexuality, and other issues where Christians have been badly on the defensive -- notably,


Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? 
the Wedding of Truth to Compassion & Reason to Revelation

Biblical Inner Healing

Biblical Sexuality & the Battle for Science

To be published

Freud & Religion: a Psycho-Historical Reality Check

Reason, Revelation, & Politics

a Personalist Cosmology in Imago Dei -- Part I  --
Personality, Empiricism, & God

a Personalist Cosmology in Imago Dei -- Part II  --
Yahweh or the Great Mother?


We will get earlier issues of Emmaus News up as time permits....

NOTE:  See the final issue for update on closing down of the old postal Emmaus News


The new Emmaus eNews is available via email.  Send an email to Emmaus Ministries with request to be put on list.  There is no charge.

For previous main articles in Emmaus eNews,
see the eNews Articles Page - 2006-07
eNews Articles Page - 2008

If you do not find what you want,
visit the Search Page and type in a key word

Available past printed issues => 1997,   1998,   1999 .


July -- Episcopal General Convention Issues:  1. The Authority of Scripture  2. Sexuality Issues  
3. The Uniqueness of Christ   4. "Dialogue to Consensus"

August -- 1. Life After General Convention (Episcopal)   2. Ambridge Counter-Attacks

September -- 1. On Being a "Somebody"    2. What is "Judging"?  3. More on Ambridge...

October -- More on "Judging".

November -- 1. "God is Winning!" --  2."Three Beautiful Women" -- 3. "Godly Foreign Policy"

December -- 1. "Jesus or Santa?" -- 2. "Ambridge Update"


January - February -- "Faith and Futility" - a commentary on the homosexuality dialogue (or on what, at least, goes by the name "dialogue"...)

March - 1. "Separation of School and State"  --  2. "An Open Letter to the Loudoun (Va.) Board of Supervisors"

April - "The Criminalizing of Ignorance" (Part I)

May - "The Criminalizing of Ignorance" (Part II - New Hampshire - a Case Study)

June - "Lambeth - an Anglican Turning Point" - on the extraordinary recovery of Biblical theology and morality

July - "How Many Governments Are There?" - on the sovereignty of God over all forms of government.

August - "Winning for God in the Public Arena" - Regaining the High Ground for Jesus Christ

September - "A Meeting of Heart and Mind?" - on a recent "collision" between a mostly orthodox bishop and a revisionist bishop - Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh and Catherine Waynick of Indianapolis, at the September 1998 Pittsburgh clergy conference, showing the dysfunction of western Christendom -- our incapacity to debate issues.

October  - "Public Privacy" - Part I - on the need for clear moral and spiritual thinking and choosing in civil government and politics.

November - 1. "Public Privacy" - Part II   --   2. The Killing of Matthew Shephard

December - Sex, Perjury, and the Law (of God)


January - "Victim" vs. Victor? - Counter-attacking against the homosexualist "victim" strategy

February - "Sexual Orientation & Hate Crimes in Maryland" 

March - "Come, Let Us Reason Together..." - a challenge to the Homosexual Community 

April - "Our Schools Are Killing Our Children...  Part I"

May - "Our Schools Are Killing Our Children...  Part II"  "Press Conference for the American Psychiatric Ass'n."

June - "Parents or Peers?"   and   "Intellectual Honesty" 

July - "Infallibility and Honesty"

August - "Our Reasonable God" 

NOTE: the August 1999 issue was the closing issue of the printed Emmaus News.  For information, see the August 1999 issue.


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