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February 1999

A Friendly Word

Greetings in the Lord,

Life is good and life is exciting. God is good and God is exciting. I could never have predicted the present course of my life..., deeply involved in helping people get out of homosexuality and deeply involved in the politics relating to that life style. Politics, sex, and religion are all wrapped up in the same tangled ball of yarn. It is impossible to keep them apart, despite our ignorant attempts to do so.  Adn it is really not tangled, excepting in our fallen perception and understanding.  In the economy of God, it all works together with a perfect precision. 

Friday, March 12, I was, for the third time, at committee hearings at the Maryland legislature in Annapolis seeking with friends to stem the tide toward homosexualist "rights" and hate crime laws.  We will presented evidence which shows that protection of homosexuality is tragically foolish and irresponsible.

America has become an "enabler", indeed, a legal enforcer, of one of the most self- and socially-destructive of addictions.  Just as a spouse can be an enabler of an alcoholic by pampering and supporting the addiction, and by failing to speak the truth to the alcoholic, America is by law proceeding down the path to tyranny where speaking out against homosexual behavior will be punishable by fine and jail.

If you think I am kidding, it is already illegal in parts of Canada to speak publicly against the homosexual lifestyle. And it is, or has been proposed to be, illegal in New Orleans to do what I am doing, counseling homosexual persons to help them come out of a lethal lifestyle. Is that not tyranny in America?

The homosexualist cause is totalitarian at its very core. Just as Hitler told Neville Chamberlain that he wanted only this little bit of Poland, and then he would be satisfied, the homosexualists tell our unbelievably gullible legislators that they just want this little bit of legal protection. At first they wanted only to be left alone, then they wanted to be tolerated, then they wanted to be fully accepted as normal, now they want to tell the rest of us that we cannot criticize their behavior and that we will be fined and sent to attitude remediation classes if we do.

They already have the same protections that you and I have. What they want is an elite classification of special protection against criticism. Addicted persons learn quickly how to "work the system", and homosexualists are exceptionally good at it.

I was in a grocery store nearby recently and heard the check out girl say to a man with whom she was conversing that we are headed for another civil war. I was a bit startled because I had had thoughts like that myself, and asked her what she thought the sides would be. She replied without a hesitation: "The people against the government." Her issue was the confiscatory tax rate and intrusion of all levels of civil government into our lives.  (Indeed, we are already working five months of the year to build Pharaoh's pyramids, what makes us think we have the right to withhold the other seven?)

It would be hard to prove, but I believe that the homosexual folks are being used by forces much bigger than they, that homosexuality is simply a tool for persons with enormous wealth and background control over large segments of American society, whose aim is not merely sexual license, but political control. Sex and power has been the stuff of politics for all of recorded history. Nothing has changed in the sordidly fallen human heart, except the capacity given by our technology to indeed enforce control over the whole of the world.

Dear reader, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. The only thing necessary for evil folks to succeed is for good folks to do nothing. So I encourage you to get seriously involved in learning how to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all areas of your personal and public life.

God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but of boldness for the Gospel. Letters to the editor are a powerful way to get a message out. So put yourself at risk to discomfort, perhaps even a little contention, and make a difference. God wants His world back, and He has equipped us, His people, to take it back for Him. God gets very real and life gets very rewarding when we put ourselves at risk for Him.

I sent an open letter to Parris Glendening, governor of Maryland, concerning his contribution to the debate. That and a follow-up are printed below. It is a sordid picture of deliberate evasion of truth, incapacity to discuss logically and factually, and cowardice -- a reflection of what is happening at the Whitehouse and in Congress. With a few Godly exceptions, the laws of America are being made by such persons.

Let us each be a part of the army which the Lord is raising up to proclaim His lordship over all things whatsoever. There is no salvation from our present predicament other than the law and grace of God being publicly, gracefully, and persistently proclaimed by His people.

Faithfully in Christ,
Earle Fox

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Our Reasonable God

Sexual Orientation &
Hate-Crime Laws in Maryland

- 1. Two Letters to the Governor -

Currently before the Maryland legislature are bills aimed at criminalizing housing and employment discrimination against homosexuals, bi-sexuals, and "transgendered", i.e. cross-dressers and those seeking a sexual "re-assignment" via surgery.  Two such "transgendered" persons were present at the hearings to testify to the pain caused them by society.  It was an eery experienc watching men trying to be women in front of the Maryland legislature.  

God, in His providence, sent with me a former lesbian who had lived as a man (and now has her own ministry), to testify on our side of the issue. God woke her up, she said, at 3 a.m. to turn on the radio, at which time an interview was being aired in which the upcoming legislative meeting with public testimonies at Annapolis was being discussed. She ended up getting my number as one who would be attending, so I picked her up at the metro on my way through DC.

The following was sent to Governor Parris Glendening because I was concerned over reports at my first visit to the legislature that he has applied unfair personal pressure to get the homosexual rights and the hate crime bills passed.

Dear Governor Glendening,

The following is an open letter because of the importance of these issues to the people of Maryland and of America. I am the director of Transformation Christian ministries in Washington, DC, which helps people leave the homosexual lifestyle, and so am familiar with the various aspects of the issues. I write and speak as a public citizen.

Three friends and I spent most of Tuesday, February 23, talking with members of the Senate committee dealing with the legislation you are supporting regarding hate crimes and discrimination against homosexual persons. We discovered that there has been intense pressure from your office to approve these new pieces of legislation. All concerned seemed to agree that the pressure was being applied as a very personal appeal by you -- not on the basis of the facts of the issues of homosexuality and law, but on the basis of the tragic death of your brother.

Anti-discrimination legislation for homosexual persons is bogus legislation. Homosexual persons as a class are better educated, have a considerably higher income, and travel more than the average American. They are not as a class disadvantaged over other Americans. They are a class defined, not by inborn traits such as race, but by behavior -- which they choose to pursue and stoutly defend.

Trying to resolve problems by "hate crime" legislation produces exactly the opposite effect intended because it transgresses one of the fundamental barriers of a democratic republic. To paraphrase Queen Elizabeth I, struggling to keep her Protestant/Catholic divisions from fracturing her unstable realm, "We do not build windows into men's souls." Or Thomas Jefferson: "The coercive force of civil law does not extend to belief or attitude." Hate crime laws punish an attitude, not a behavior.  We already have laws covering criminal behavior.

Church-state separation, which, rightly understood, is a fundamental part of our constitutional order, makes precisely that point.  The coercive force of civil law does not extend to what we think, believe, or feel.  We do not legislate against hate, no matter how obnoxious or sinful -- only against behavior, and on the basis of commonly accepted moral standards.

Hate crime laws, in other words, are the tools of thought-police and tyrants.

Homosexuality is a behavior which, although often compulsive, like alcoholism, is ultimately a choice.  The alleged evidence for genetic or biological causation has not survived scientific peer review.  One can choose to get out of the behavior if one seeks proper help.  At Transformation Christian Ministries we work with persons coming out of the homosexual lifestyle, and know that people can and do come out.  We know also the tragic flaw in our political system which has made HIV/AIDS a legally protected disease, the spread of which would be stopped overnight if people were obedient to the law of God -- which our tragically misguided and sometimes dishonest politicians have chosen to ignore.  That is not political compassion, it is political arrogance.

I, too, have a brother who died.  He died of cancer at twenty one because of a mistaken diagnosis by a doctor who did not soon enough detect the cancer.  He heroically made himself available for grueling and always disappointing testing of new drugs.  He experienced a painful and long-lingering death, after which his body was buried many years ago at St. John's Church in Olney, Maryland.  It never occurred to us to mount a campaign for cancer-victims' rights.

On my visit to Annapolis, I, a Christian, was "discriminated against" by a Maryland delegate.  I had remarked about the sovereignty of God over all things, including all civil government, and was told by her, in effect, that I ought not bring my religious views into political discussion.

That is nonsense, and contrary to American history, American law, and common-sense logic.  If God exists, He is sovereign over all things whatsoever.  The American democratic republic form of pluralism gives to all views equal opportunity to openly debate on public issues. Excepting those which subvert honest and open public discussion, our form of government does not discriminate against philosophies or religions, most especially the Biblical worldview which alone can sustain the extraordinary freedoms of our democratic republic. Each view is required to defend its case in the public forum on the basis of fact and logic. To ban any view from public discussion is precisely that discrimination forbidden by our constitution, and by any honest view of pluralism.

There is legitimate discrimination against immoral or illegal behavior, but denying the Christian's freedom to base his views of civil government and public policy on Scriptural and Godly principles is not an example of it.

Discrimination against Biblical religion is promoted by precisely those homosexual lobbyists (with whom you are apparently aligned) because they advocate a lifestyle which is contrary to the law of God and which is extremely self-destructive. The average lifespan of homosexual persons is in the mid 40's -- a loss of about 40% of normal lifespan. Strategically, they must seek to banish both the Biblical view as well as medical and psychological fact from public discussion because the two are in agreement: Homosexuality is a compulsive and lethal addiction.

You are taking the State of Maryland down a track on which a bridge is washed out. The homosexual advocates are cynically ignoring and shutting down the warning signals on all sides. Worst of all, on Judgement Day, the homosexual advocates will not be standing at your side to win votes for the next election.

The media provided an example of this cynical behavior at our testimony recently to the Senate committee. The moment the "pro" side had finished its lengthy testimony, the media packed up its cameras and left. They were not interested in presenting to the public a view contrary to theirs. One hopes that you and the chairman of the committee would issue a sharp and public rebuke to the media for its appalling decision not to present the discussion honestly to the electorate.

I pray that you will courageously do the right thing, and insist on open discussion of the homosexual issue based on the readily available evidence from health professionals rather than on special privilege for your view based on a family tragedy. I do not ask any special privilege for my view. I passionately believed in the honest, equal-opportunity pluralism which both the Bible (I Kings 18:17 ff.) and our constitution enshrine. I do insist that my view get equal hearing with other views, which is the only hope of the electorate finding out which view is in fact the truth.

I would be happy to discuss this matter with you, and to introduce you to persons who have come out of the homosexual lifestyle. Please contact me if I can be of further help. Enclosed is an excellent article on hate crime legislation from "the other side" (from me) of the homosexual issue.

Yours truly....

.** ** **

I followed that up after my third and latest visit with the following:

Dear Governor Glendening,

I was at the House of Delegates committee meeting on Friday, March 12 at which you presented your testimony on the "sexual orientation" and hate crimes bills, standing almost directly behind you. I was glad to hear your testimony as it gave me first hand experience of what I had only heard about.

I have had many dealings with homosexualist strategy, and it would be my judgement that your speech was crafted with their inspiration and help. It was (1) a finely polished appeal to emotion, (2) exploited a personal family tragedy, and (3) was carefully devoid of any reference to the well documented facts about homosexual behavior or its destructive personal and social consequences. Given the death of your brother from AIDS, you can hardly be unaware of such consequences, so one is led to assume that you prefer to keep those negative facts from public view.

Your brother's anxiety over the possibility of his military career being cut short due to his homosexuality, painful as it was, has little to do with the issues before the legislature, which are: Is homosexuality good and right in the eyes of God? Is the homosexual lifestyle a healthy way to live? and, Ought homosexual behavior to be legally protected?

If there were evidence to show a positive answer to those questions, I would stand firmly and publicly with you. But the objective and documented evidence stands entirely against your position. There is no reason to believe that God approves or that it is healthy, and many reasons to believe the contrary. Your brother died at just about the average lifespan age of homosexuals with AIDS, which is in the high 30's or low 40's. You should be standing with your own [Roman Catholic] church officials, who, we are told, have asked you to desist from support of homosexuality. And you have refused. Do you want more people to die of AIDS?

The issue is not protection of homosexual persons. They are already protected by the same laws as the rest of us. Homosexualists want us to protect a compulsive, lethal, and addictive behavior under color of protecting personhood.

You have continued the dishonest and abusive strategy of homosexualists by carrying on the discussion as though the acceptability of homosexuality were a proven fact. Your testimony assumed that it was wrong for the military to forbid homosexual activity, and that homosexual behavior would have no effect on either military readiness or society at large. All of those assumptions are demonstrably false.

Literally millions of people in the State of Maryland will be affected by this legislation, most of whom cannot be present at the vote to defend themselves. For some it will be a matter of life and death. So betrayal of their trust by subversion of truth in public discussion amounts to criminal irresponsibility.

You are the elected governor of the State of Maryland. I and many others will pray for the honorable outcome both of your participation and of the vote on these bills.

Yours truly....

- 2. Hate Crimes -

There were two other pieces of legislation being pushed by the governor mandating increased punishments for persons who committed crimes against someone, with a proven malicious intent against that person's sexual orientation.

Aside from whether sexual orientation is a legitimate concept, or whether homosexuality is an immutable orientation, I pointed out Thomas Jefferson's often expressed principle that the force of civil law ought never to be directed at belief, attitude, or feeling. The only proper object of law is behavior.

Criticizing homosexuality is a hate crime in certain provinces of Canada, and counseling homosexuals is a hate crime in New Orleans. With the best of intentions, giving civil government authority to control attitude is putting a terrible weapon into the hands of potential tyrants. Hate crime laws are tools of the Hitlers, the Stalins, and the Pol Pots of the world, not of the governors of a free people. We are fools to think that there are no evil-minded people in our midst who will quickly and quietly gravitate toward centers of power where they can get their hands on the levers of mind and attitude control. They have been at it for a long time.

One of our founding fathers pointed out that our kind of government is made only for a religious people, a people who have internalized the law of God and thus govern themselves. Only such a people can be trusted to choose their own rulers. The colonials separated from England originally because they did not want Church authorities coercing people to believe other than as their own consciences told them. They took the gun out of the hand of the Church, and took the Church out from under the civil government which holds the gun. That is our "wall of separation" between Church and State.

Hatred of persons is an ugly thing. But civil government must not legislate on either hate or love, only on behavior.

- 3. Control: Internal or External? -

I pointed out that government control is the inevitable replacement for spiritual conversion.  When we no longer are governed internally by the law and grace of God, we become self-centered and ungovernable other than by increasing intrusion of external control and force.  We had just heard earlier that day testimony from police and school officials on the need for warrant-less arrests for children who carry pen knives in school.  Why? Because our children are becoming ungovernable.

When God is not the center of our conscience within, human government must impose order from without. We then become unable to distinguish between civil law and morality.  Most Americans already act as though civil law defined morality, and thus as though civil government were under no law higher than itself.

Already, although we have a democratic republic on paper, functionally we are living under a tyranny.  Legislatures and courts routinely ignore our constitution and the law of God behind our constitution.  We brutally murder 1.5 million babies per year, and think nothing of it because our modern idol, civil government which has usurped the authority of God, has decreed that infants in the womb are not persons. That is full-fledged tyranny. We fail to noticed it -- because we are not the ones in the womb, and the babies cannot holler very loud.

We are putting into the hands of evil-minded people all the tools they need to control our bodies and our minds - not the least of which is control of the education of our children. Not one of the above problems would be confronting us in this present terrible form if we parents had retained control and responsibility for education, and refused to turn our children over to civil government.

The primary fault has been our failure to remain self-governing citizens of the Kingdom of God. Our citizenship is in heaven, only provisionally on earth. We must learn again to proclaim the lordship of Jesus Christ over all civil government as well as over all individual souls.

Moses did that with Pharaoh, the early Christians did it with Caesar, the colonial Americans did it with George III, and we must do it with our present government which has usurped the authority of God over our lives.

It will cost some of us time in jail. It will cost some of us our lives.   It will cost all of us who choose to stand with Jesus sweat and tears. But it is the road to the Kingdom, and it is the only way America and western civilization can continue to be a beacon of freedom and life for others.


Quote of the Month

"A man is never more like Satan
than when he is lying."

- Unknown -


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