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May 1999


Our Schools are Killing our Children - Part II

Press Conference for the American Psychiatric Association

A Friendly Word

Greetings in the Lord,

On May 12, I attended a press conference sponsored by the Family Research Council, at which Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Dr., Judith Reisman, some congressmen, and others spoke out with more courage and forcefulness than I have ever heard from public figures. "Dr. Laura" said that those who wrote the study published by the American Psychological Assn. telling us that pedophilia was not so bad after all were either liars or stupid. Exactly.

I addressed another press conference sponsored by Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays, a sister organization to Transformation Christian Ministries which I direct. This press conference was held in conjunction with picketing of the American Psychiatric Assn.’s conference in DC. Many of the picketers were persons who had come out of the homosexual lifestyle, and others concerned with the arrant ignorance or dishonesty of the APA’s dealings with sexuality issues -- promoting the pansexual agenda, specifically homosexuality and pedophilia.

One would not have thought such things possible even a few years ago. We are watching it happen right here in the US of A. I attended a meeting of the Conservative Caucus the previous Saturday in DC, at which the almost total absence of outrage among Americans was noted. Already in many parts of Europe, notably Holland, the people have "gotten used to" pedophilia. No outrage.

If you are not publicly outraged, get on your knees and ask God’s forgiveness, and ask for a healthy dose of outrage. The Church and America are dying for lack of outrage. We have had enough of self-pity, comfort-seeking, and self-esteem promotion. We need moral and spiritual backbone, or we are dead as a civilization.

* * *

Just by the way, the Conservative Caucus meeting was about Y2K. I came away considerably less complacent than before. There was no spirit of panic, but a strong warning that the risks are considerable for three reasons:

(1) The fragility of the economy, an enormous bubble which a small pin prick could send into collapse; (2) the good chance that the power-hungry Clinton administration might use any crisis to declare a national emergency to centralize more power; and (3) the possibility of terrorism because of the possible temporary disabling of the American high-tech military.

North Korea’s military uses technology from the 1950’s and does not care what happens to two-digit dates. They might chance the possibility that the UN (i.e., American) forces, would be sufficiently disabled to permit a quick victory. Other rogue nations might try terrorism. The water supply was indicated as the most vulnerable item. Electrical power was thought to have gotten itself pretty much up to snuff.

The speakers were Christians in high places in government, the military, and industry. Be prepared, they said, because a crisis is an opportunity to evangelize. We must help pick up the pieces if there is a breakdown. People will be open to new approaches because of the failures.

Prepare as you would for a severe storm. It may just blow over, but it may not. Stock up with water, food, and fuel. Have a several month supply of cash out of the bank, because if there is a run on the banks, the reserves will quickly disappear. And start now, not later.

Faithfully in Christ,
Earle Fox

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our Reasonable God

Our Schools are
Killing our Children

Part II
Click here for Part I

- 6. Of Guns and Men... -

For the first 30 years of my adult life, I was a pacifist, albeit an uncomfortable one. I could not reconcile my pacifism with the existence of the police and military, which I knew were good and right -- when disciplined by the law and grace of God. And I knew that if I were in a position to save a life by killing a person such as those who shot the students in Littleton and in other places, I would do so. There are times when one must react quickly, trusting one’s instincts.

I shifted from pacifism about ten years ago because I realized that civil government is not friendly "Uncle Sam". Legitimate government means bringing coercive force under the law of God. I realized that Jesus does indeed "pull the trigger". "Depart from Me, I never knew you....," (Matthew 25) is the final trigger.

As perhaps many others, I have wondered what I would have done had I been a student or faculty member at one of the besieged schools, playing various scenes in my mind.

What would have happened, for example, if two of the boys had understood what was happening, and one said to the other, "You hit him high and I’ll hit him low...," both taking off after the gunman.

If that seems like an unlikely scene from a grade B movie, that is perhaps a reflection on our current cowardly state of affairs.

We have spent much of the last century systematically undermining masculinity, so that one feels embarrassed to talk about patriotism or the military, or being a warrior. Onward Christian Soldiers will not be sung in many quarters.  Few Christians have any serious notion of spiritual warfare -- limited for the most part, among those who do, to praying against real or imagined demonic forces. 

I make no light of demonic forces and pray against them daily.  But serious spiritual warriors get involved also in the day to day affairs of our common life, as in the spiritual war for Godly government or Godly education.  The early Christians are not known so much for praying against demons as they are for publicly telling Caesar and his magistrates: "Jesus is Lord!"  Even if it cost them their lives.  Unheard of today (...in the West).

We are not taught to fight for truth, for righteousness, nor for our common bond of love. We are taught to be "nice", and to put all that unpleasant stuff into the hands of our government Nanny, who will take care of us -- one of the signs of which is the current drift toward removal of all guns from independent citizens.

I was on the rifle team in high school, and could pick off a gnat’s eyelash at 50 feet. We kept the rifles at school, locked up, not because anyone thought students would take them and shoot each other, but because they might get stolen, and people might have an accident with an unsecured gun.

An email correspondent responded to my being on the rifle team by noting that he had been also. He brought his own rifle to school and kept it in his hall locker. I suspect that he was in a rural area where boys commonly owned a 22. My father had one which he trusted me and my friends to use out in the woods responsibly. I cannot say that we never did anything foolish, but it would never have entered our minds to take our guns and shoot anyone with them.

Furthermore, just about every boy had a pocket knife with which he whittled. No metal detectors, no police in the halls. Knives and guns were common to our lives.

Guns are not the issue.

It is logically impossible to make guns the issue. One always ends in a contradiction -- because there is only one way to take guns away from people (since they will not give them up willingly), and that is by giving more guns to the other folks who will take them away. It takes guns to remove guns. That is the self-contradiction. It is be impossible, in other words, to have a gun-less society.

The American (and Biblical) principle of dispersion of power away from centralized government requires that we allow citizens to be armed. It has never in the whole history of mankind been demonstrated that those in government, even elected governments, are more worthy of trust with deadly weapons than the citizens themselves. Quite the contrary. The whole principle of elected governments among free peoples is that those entrusted with power will soon or later certainly abuse it. So they are made removable by the people. When civil government has all the guns, civil governors will no longer be removable.

- 7. Graceful Warriors -

But what about our two young warriors going after the thugs? Imagine an age in which fighting for truth and righteousness was still a manly thing to do, in which spiritual warfare was understood as a daily part of our existence. Such an age might have some possibility of raising up young folks who would instantly risk their lives to protect their fellows and to apprehend a criminal.

The chances of that happening in America are slim indeed. Our instincts are not instantly to stand for truth and righteousness. We degrade and mock the weapons of warfare because we have no truth or righteousness for which to fight, only self-centered feelings. Our instincts are to buffer ourselves, flee, soften the tone, blur the conflict. A more sturdy age would force the antithesis, force the choice between good and evil, and stand firmly for good.

Supposing we "rewind the tape" to a point sometime before the Littleton attackers had gone so far. Suppose our two hypothetical but sturdy young men had been able to stand publicly but gracefully against the "trenchcoat mafia", and worked to befriend those young people to draw them into healthy community relationships with God and their fellow human beings, their "neighbors".  Graceful warriors.

Suppose there were enough such people that they could set the tone for the school. Suppose that the faculty, churches, and civil government also supported truth and righteousness rather than subverted them -- as our government, schools, and churches routinely do. Only a culture under the law and grace of God can consistently produce such persons.

Guns in the hands of Godly persons are instruments of peace. (We once understood that -- we called our police "peace officers", and we talk, albeit wrongly, of UN "peace keeping" forces.) But a government monopoly on guns becomes a tool of control and repression, not of peace, because the control-minded criminal element will always gravitate to seize the levers of that monopoly.  Gun-holders do not become protectors-of-the-people by getting elected to office, but by submitting to the law and grace of God. The issue is not guns, but the sovereignty of God.

- 8. Spiritual Sifting -

If God judges us harshly, we shall well deserve it. But God has not given up on His dream. His plan is not being dismantled, He is still in charge.

God is sifting His people, forcing the antithesis. As we live our rebellious lives, we are confronted by truth, and so forced to choose between truth and falsehood, between righteousness and sin, between love and hate. God has never gotten out of control. He simply goes about His business of sorting out those who are interested in what He is offering from those who are not. "And this is the judgement, that the Light has come into the world, and men preferred darkness because their deeds were evil." (John 3:19)

The Light coming into the world makes truth so obvious that no one can say, "I didn’t know." And then we are forced to choose, for God or against. Our culture is persistently choosing darkness because we want to justify our own lust and greed. Our task as Christians is to turn on the lights (of fact and logic) so that people will either have to run for the bushes (like Adam and Eve and Judas) or repent of their evil deeds, like Peter.  There is no hope for America, Serbia, or Ireland [or, now in the 21st century, Iraq or Pakistan], or any other nation apart from the law and grace of God.

Our government has a monopoly on education, it now wants a monopoly on guns. We must remove civil government, lock, stock, and barrel, from educating our children. Parents love their children, the civil government does not. Our current appalling chaos could never have happened had parents retained control of the education of their children. Only so can we restore the Godly mindset which instinctively submits coercive force to the will of God.

And, God, as always, is raising an army for this time and season. He is sifting out an army of witnesses who choose to seek truth at any cost to themselves, and who therefore can have a credible witness to the world. He is raising up a band of truth-seekers who have committed themselves to righteousness, to following their God-given reason for existence. And He is raising up a Church of righteous truth-seekers who are lovers of Him and of one another.

Do you hear the call?

Righteousness can be discerned only if you are a truth-seeker. And love is an obligation only if righteousness commands it to be so. The people of God, those who will reconstruct America and western civilization, perhaps on the ashes of our disintegrated social fabric, will be those sifted out and raised up by God, who, in their search for truth, have chosen, under His law, to be righteous lovers of souls.


Press Conference for the
American Psychiatric Assn.

May 17, 1999

The American Psychiatric Assn. met in Washington, DC, to discuss, among other things, whether to outlaw "reparative therapy", i.e. therapy to help homosexual persons leave that lifestyle, and whether pedophilia might not after all be a good idea. I spoke the following at a news conference the day after we (i.e., Transformation Christian Ministries of which I was then director - an ex-homosexual ministry of Exodus International) had picketed the APA meeting:


My name is Earle Fox. I am an Episcopal priest, and president of Emmaus Ministries, which engages in Christian apologetics. I am also director of Transformation Christian Ministries, a part of the Exodus network of ministries which helps persons leave the homosexual lifestyle. I received my doctorate on the relation between science and theology from Oxford University in 1964.

I have been asked to address the subject of science and God, vis a vis our present absurd situation where pseudo-science is being used to determine public policy in matters of human sexuality. I mean specifically the encouragement and support by the American Psychiatric and Psychological Associations of the pansexual agenda -- i.e. the promotion of homosexuality and other sexual deviations, most recently, pedophilia. I am ashamed to attach the name "American" to these two groups.

It is absurd that we are even having this discussion. Evil use of good things has been common to the human race for all of recorded history. The absurdity is that, in a nation which was once the best educated and most highly scientific in the world, such people are getting away with it, and that the public, including our politicians, our educators, our spiritual leaders, and most of our well-known scientific organizations are either too ignorant or too cowardly to respond effectively.

I want to make five brief points.

First, there is no cleavage whatsoever between honest science and Biblical revelation properly understood. Anyone who thinks there is, either does not understand science, or does not understand the Bible. Or both.

Science as we know it arose at the end of 1000 years of European history which had been steeped in the Biblical worldview -- and in no other culture. The Biblical worldview is the only worldview which could have spawned science as a culturally supported enterprise because only the Biblical worldview understood the cosmos as both orderly and good. And that has not changed. The Biblical worldview is still the only worldview which can consistently say that the natural world, including sex, is both orderly and good, and thus a reasonable object of our study.

As we continue to hack away at the Biblical foundations of western civilization, we are losing our capacity to think not only theologically, but scientifically, and are instead embracing the pseudo-idea that truth can be relative -- which means the death of both theology and science.

Secondly, science and the Bible are in no disagreement on the matters of sexual behavior or sexual morality.

The so-called sex-revolution has never had a teaspoon of objective evidence to support it. The Biblical idea of family and sexual relations is demonstrably more productive of human good than the clearly destructive pansexual nonsense being perpetrated on the public through both the Psychiatric and Psychological Associations, and on our children through our government-controlled schools systems.

Thirdly, as Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?"

The Psychiatric Association’s deleting of homosexuality from the DSM in 1973 had nothing to do with science (i.e., with truth). It was accomplished through inexcusable ignorance, cowardice, and deceit. The same path appears to be emerging as they deal with pedophilia in the DSM.

Likewise, the Psychological Association’s recent willingness to publish a study telling us that pedophilia is not really all that harmful has nothing to do with honest science. It is one more attempt to take a program that cannot survive the light of honest discussion and dress it with the clothing and trappings of science.

The basis of all evil is subversion of truth. Evil withers away under the light. Scientific method is one of the ways which God has given us to make the light shine. So subversion of honest scientific inquiry is contrary to the will of God, and, in good Biblical terminology, an abomination.

The public might reasonably conclude, therefore, that both APA’s are guilty of that abomination. These organizations, which are entrusted by Americans with enormous moral authority as guardians of public health and welfare, are no longer to be trusted or believed until they publicly repent of their betrayal of the American people.

We are expected to learn the lesson of truth-telling at mother’s knee. "Tell the truth, Johnny." Or perhaps over mother’s knee.

If we have not learned that three-year-old lesson, we have no right to be involved in discussion of public policy, no right to be involved in the making of laws which will be coercively enforced on the rest of us. The Psychiatric and Psychological Associations ought to be banned from public discussion and sent back to mother’s knee -- to do their growing up and maturing as seekers of truth before they are readmitted to public discussion.

Forthly, the primary issue before us is the sovereignty of God.

Establishing a distinction between healthy and unhealthy, and establishing public policy are both moral decisions. There is an "ought" attached to the notion of "healthy" which carries over into public policy.  And all public policy, all law, itself is a moral decision, based  on someone's view of right versus wrong.

But the only foundation for an objective distinction between good and evil, right and wrong, is having a reason for existence. That is a logical fact. Only a Creator God can establish a reason for existence. God, being the Creator, is the sovereign of the universe, so only He can establish what is healthy and what is not healthy. All other notions of "health" and public policy are arbitrary and thus non-obligatory.

And finally, a prediction:

Truth-telling is the only offensive weapon given to Christians in the spiritual warfare all about us. So we will see forming against the above nonsense a new alliance in public discussion, indeed, already forming, between, on one hand, honest Christians and Jews, and on the other hand, honest scientists of all sorts, because both groups are committed to the pursuit of objective truth. 

[COMMENT: Attending this press conference was Robert Spitzer, the psychiatrist who had helped lead the charge back in 1973 to remove homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (the psychiatric Bible).  Transformation Christian Ministries, an Exodus affiliate helping people out of homosexuality, of which, at the time of the 1999 APA convention, I was then director, was picketing the convention because of their stance against therapy for homosexual persons. 

Spitzer came out and interviewed some of our people who had come out of homosexuality.  As a result, he became convinced that at least some people can make it out of homosexuality into a reasonably normal heterosexual way of relating. 

I visited Spitzer the following spring in New York where he worked, hoping to get our ministry inside the APA conference the next year.  But it was not possible.  However, he had arranged for a public debate in the convention between the two sides, with two psychiatrists on each side.  The homosexualists backed out with their usual excuses.  Spitzer went on to conduct a study verifying what he thought was the case, that at least some people can change, which he presented at a later convention. 

This, of course, created a fire-storm of protest from the homosexualists, but Spitzer remained firm.  It was a beginning of a gradual turnaround in the APA so as at least to head off the condemnation of therapy for homosexual persons.     E. Fox 12/30/05] 


Quote of the Month

"Imaginary evil is romantic and varied, full of charm;
imaginary good is tiresome and flat.

Real evil, however, is dreary, monotonous, barren.
Real good is always new, marvelous, intoxicating."

- Simone Weil (of all people) -


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