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  Earle Fox is an Anglican priest who earned his BA in philosophy from Trinity College in Hartford, Ct., an M. Div. in theology from the Episcopal General Theological Seminary in NYC, completed a year of Clinical Pastoral Education in two mental hospitals, a prison, and a general hospital.  He was ordained to the Episcopal diaconate in June of 1960 by Bishop Angus Dunn at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, and then in January 1961, went to Oxford University where he received a D. Phil. on the relation between science and theology in l964.  He began at St. Catherine's, a non-residential college.  Then in 1962, Oriel College lost their chaplain.  So the Bishop of Oxford (standing in for Bishop Dunn) ordained him a priest so that he could be the chaplain at Oriel.  

Fox was the vicar (assistant priest) at St. Jude's Episcopal Church in Burbank, California, from 1965-67.  He taught for three years in the religion department at Trinity College, Hartford.  For ten years Dr. Fox pastored St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in East Haddam, Connecticut. For two years he was chaplain and counselor at Becket Academy, also in East Haddam, a school for troubled youth.

In 1959, he published "Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love'" in the Journal of Religion, an essay defending the view that all moral language depends on the Biblical creator God for its meaning.  Two years later he published "Biblical Theology & Pelagianism", also in the Journal of Religion, attempting to resolve the supposed conflicts between grace, freewill, and the sovereignty of God. 

In 1983, Dr. Fox founded Emmaus Ministries (now The Road to Emmaus) to provide Christian counseling services, and to explore the various facets of Christian apologetics, and how to apply a reasoned defense of the Christian faith to healing, sexuality, politics, education, and other areas of personal and public life. 

"Common sense Christianity", much like C. S. Lewis's "mere Christianity", is the theme of the Road to Emmaus, a Christian faith which is wedded to reason, to logic, and to fact, right in line with science itself.  Theology is still the Queen of Sciences. 

In 1987, he published Biblical Sexuality & the Battle for Science, dealing with the scientific integrity of the Biblical view of human sexuality. 

From 1984 to 1998, Dr. Fox was engaged in pastoral counseling, inner healing workshops, writing, and producing audio and video cassettes on the Biblical understanding of human nature, emotional healing, and Christian apologetics in Norwalk, Connecticut, and then in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.  

In 1989, he published Biblical Inner Healing, on the Biblical view of human nature, how we get emotionally and spiritually broken, and how we are healed by the law and grace of God.  Biblical Inner Healing has been rewritten and is now available in paperback format.  Many other shorter works have been published also through Emmaus Ministries.  (See Shopping Mall.  For other publications, see curriculum vitae.)

He has lectured since 1989 at Exodus and other ex-homosexual ministry meetings on freedom in Christ from sexual addiction.   From December 1998, for two and a half years, he was director of Transformation Christian Ministries, an Exodus referral ministry, in the Washington, DC, metro area, helping persons out of the homosexual lifestyle to restore their God-given heterosexual nature. 

In May of 2001, he returned to the Road to Emmaus to finish writing Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? the Wedding of Truth to Compassion and Reason to Revelation He brings a seminar, The Biblical Agenda for Human Sexuality, to churches and others interested on how to reach out to homosexual persons, and how to deal with the "gay" agenda in the public arena. 

Dr. Fox continues his calling in Christian apologetics, teaching Christians how to think again (Christians are as bad off in this respect as the pagans) -- to  help restore the sadly broken foundations of Biblical theology (broken by the splitting of the Church, and by incompetence in presenting the Biblical worldview in the public arena).  He is president of The Road to Emmaus and webmaster of the Road to Emmaus website.

In March of 2006, Dr. Fox and Emmaus Ministries moved to La Habra, California, to teach for one semester at Biola University, a Christian school nearby in La Mirada, to help students fine-tune their apologetics skills in order to make a clear and graceful Christian witness to the world around them with intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility. 

A new book, Law & Grace in Imago Dei, made up mostly of "Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love'" combined with "Biblical Theology & Pelagianism" (see above) is scheduled for publication early in 2013, an attempt to create a seamless, logically consistent Good News out of the Pelagian confusion which has undermined atonement theology, right at the heart of Christian faith, almost since the beginning of Christianity. 

Fox believes that there is not a single significant issue regarding our spiritual warfare concerning which Christians should be on the defensive.  Contrary to popular belief, the evidence is overwhelmingly on the side of Judeo-Christianity.  The tragedy has been that Christians by the 1700's had begun to lose their intellectual credibility, and along with that, over the 1800's, went moral and spiritual credibility, so that very few Christians today know how to muster evidence and pursue a reasonable defense of the Faith.  The secular and pagan people do not know either, but they are much better at pretending. 

The Christian deficit is beginning to change, however, especially among young adults, who are looking for something better than their parental generations have given them.  Those are the young adults which Earle Fox and The Road to Emmaus hope to reach.  The 21st Century promises to be a far more promising century, though probably over a very rough road and through troublesome times for the Christian faith in the West, more than we have seen for half a millennium.  

Addendum #1 - October 29, 2006.  I am assisting with other non-stipendiary priests at Church of the Blessed Sacrament where Fr. David Baumann is rector.  I just read some articles by Fr. David on his blog, and was deeply struck by the similarities in our histories. 

We both grew up very reserved emotionally, both fighting to overcome that reserve, and both had introduced hugging to our very reserved families and to our church communities.  We both are committed to deeply transforming community process in the Church.  We both have a "military" side to ourselves, though I (at least) have never been in the military.  We both know that God can set us free to remain calm and stable in the face of trouble and conflict.  We both see the current conservative leadership of the Episcopal Church as wimpy, and both believe that we (supposedly orthodox conservatives) have forfeited victory after victory by our cowardice, and ignorance of spiritual warfare.  We both have experienced many "defeats", but remain joyfully convinced of the winning power of life in the Spirit of God.  We both have a theology deeply rooted in the sacramental view of life inherent to the Biblical worldview.  We are both have committed ourselves to sexual purity and faithfulness, and to intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity as the basis for the renewal of our fragmented and almost useless Church in the West.  And we are both remaining (until called elsewhere) in the self-destructing Episcopal Church, suspecting that God has yet something for us to do here.  However, the time is coming when there will be a separation and realignment within Anglicanism worldwide, and we both plan to stay faithful to the Biblical version of Anglicanism. 

What God will do with this relationship, I am eager to see. 

Addendum #2 -  As of December 8, 2007, I am no longer a priest in the Episcopal Church.  The Diocese of San Joaquin in California, my home diocese, broke off from the Episcopal Church because of its continuing and persistent moving away from the Biblical worldview and Gospel.  The Diocese of San Joaquin (and thus myself) are now under another part of the Anglican Communion, the "Southern Cone" of South America, until such time as a new and legitimately Biblical Anglican presence can be formed in North America, probably in early 2009. 

Addendum #3 - As of July, 2009, the new Anglican Church of North America (ACNA - which covers Canada and the United States) has become a functioning reality, and so I, with the Diocese of San Joaquin, am now a part of the new Anglican province. 

Addendum #4 - I had been regularly doing Sunday supply work at St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church in Santa Ana, CA, about 25 minutes from home, while they were searching for a new priest.  As of May 1, 2010, I became their new priest-in-charge.  I am now officially a priest in the Reformed Episcopal Church which is part of the ACNA.   NOTE: As of April 29, 2012, St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church closed its doors due to financial difficulties.   

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