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Jesus vs. Pluralism

[NOTE: The Journal is a small free paper distributed to every house in Northern Virginia.  Sometimes if you write consistently, you get a following.  I have not yet had any letters published.  It is a very "liberal" paper, so, it may take a while....  

See Emmaus News, January 1999, for explanation of honest pluralism.  If in a hurry, scroll down to Section #4.   E. Fox.] 

The Journal
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To the Editor

Justin Pope (reviewer, Feb. 13), along with Richard Fox and Stephen Prothero (authors), apparently thinks that Jesus is infinitely flexible, that he will fit into any possible worldview, as though that were a plus. 

That view is nothing new.  Ancient Rome welcomed all gods and goddesses into their (almost) infinitely flexible pantheons.  Jesus was welcome, too, except for the fact that he claimed authority over all other gods and goddesses.  And except for the fact that the Caesars wanted no authority in sight to which they had to submit.     

But truth is "what is" as against "what is not".  Very simple.  The law of non-contradiction still holds (the alternative being utter intellectual chaos).   Nothing, not even God, can be two contradictory things at once.  That is how one tells true gods from false gods.  The false god will contradict itself.  Jesus either is King of kings and Lord of lords, as the Bible (and Christians with intellectual honesty) claim, or he is not.  Either/or, not both/and. 

Even Hindus, famous for pluralistic and relative truth, look both ways when crossing the street.  They know that if a bus is coming down the road that it will be either them or the bus occupying the center of the road, but not both.  Either/or, not both/and.

Every politician, every lobbyist, every voter (including every "liberal" and every pluralist)  knows that law mandates or forbids behavior -- either/or, not both/and.  So they promote legislation which goes their way, not a contrary way.   No one is pluralist in their politics.  They want their way.  That is the nature of most human choices.   

Thus, if Justin Pope is right, then Christians are wrong.  Either Jesus alone is the ultimate lover (and therefore also judge) of our souls, or he is not.  And we had best discern which. 

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