Letter to Kraft, Inc.
on their support of "Gay" Games

[COMMENT:  Kraft has come out strongly in support of "Gay" Games, which is an orgy of sexual nonsense, in the name of inclusiveness.   I sent this via the American Family Assn. website.   E. Fox]

Dear Kraft, Inc,

The publicly available evidence tells us that homosexuality is a compulsive, lethal addiction. In that respect it is like drug or alcohol addiction. Persons in that lifestyle have misused the civil rights movement and fraudulent genetic studies to give substance to the claim that homosexuality is "natural". There is nothing natural about self-destruction.

When those who oppose homosexuality get over their prudishness and cowardice so that they force supporters of homosexuality to publicly defend the specific homosexual behaviors in public every time they get up to speak, it will be all over.

The homosexual agenda will not survive a public discussion of anal or oral sex, fisting, golden showers, copraphagia, etc., (all or most of which are being taught to children in our public schools). The public will realize that they have been systematically lied to, because it will become obvious why homosexual behavior is so lethal.

Nothing can overcome truth -- because it just is. Falsehood comes and goes.

The real problem among us is not sexuality, but our unwillingness or inability to insist on open, honest discussion based on fact and logic. When truth wins, everybody wins.

If you have any common sense, any desire to get the facts of the matter, and thus any real concern for your fellow human beings, homosexual or otherwise, you will insist on honest search for the truth of this matter. You might want to start at http://theroadtoemmaus.org/EM/ShpMl/HGR/00HG&R.htm 

Yours truly, Earle Fox

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