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Dealing Publicly with Homosexuality Advocates

[COMMENT:   With just a few changes, this letter to the Los Angeles Times can be used for as short presentation in many different circumstances.  But be ready for flak, learn how to keep your cool, and get informed on how to defend the statements below.  Do not feel that you have to carry the evidence with you, but you must know where to find it, or you will lose faith in your own capability.       E. Fox]

To the Editor:

"Opponents of Proposition 8 have accused the [Mormon] church of discriminating against homosexuals...." says Jessica Garrison's and Joanna Lin's article in the November 7, 2008 LA Times, Orange County edition, California section, p. B1.

The alleged discrimination is not against persons, but against behavior. Persons are not under human judgement (that is for God alone), but behavior is. Who we are is different from what we do. We all discriminate on behavior -- to keep from self-destructing (don't put your hand on a hot stove...). We discriminate about our own behavior, that of our children, parents, employees, bosses,, students, teachers, etc. It is a matter of our well being and, sometimes, of survival. 

If the evidence should show that God approved of homosexual behavior, and that it was a safe and healthy way to express one's sexuality, I would stand with homosexual advocates. If I am wrong, I would want to know.

On the other hand, if the evidence should show that God did not approve, or that such behavior was not a safe way to express one's sexuality, I ask, would homosexual advocates be willing to reconsider their position? If they were wrong, would they want to know?

Homosexual behavior includes anal sex, oral sex, fisting, rimming, golden showers, and other activities which necessarily involve intimate contact with human waste. Homosexual activity thus reverses centuries of progress in learning to isolate ourselves from our own waste, one of the primary reasons for our astonishing increase in longevity. The first three of these behaviors - at least - are being already taught in Massachusetts public schools (if you have a strong constitution -- Google search for "fistgate Massachusetts").

Persons persistently engaging in homosexual activity thus on average lose from 30-40% of their lifespan, living, on average, not past their early 50's -- in a society averaging now into our middle-to-late 70's.

Homosexual advocates tell the public that the issue is love. The relevant meaning of love is not sexual, it is doing good for another person, doing things which enhance that person's abundance of life, even at great cost to oneself. Love does not include coddling or pampering.

On what possible grounds, then, could a loving parent, a loving legislature, governor, judge, or a loving God say "yes" to such self- and socially-destructive behavior?

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Date Posted -  11/09/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012