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October 7, 2003

The Living Church

To the Editor:

Many are encouraged by the fact that four Episcopal bishops have called for the repentance of the Episcopal Church, and failing that, expulsion from the Anglican Communion for the consecration of an actively homosexual person. 

        But at least some would be even more encouraged if they would force the real issue into the light, namely, that very thing which we are being asked to approve.  To listen to homosexual advocates, one would think that the Church was being asked to approve of love, inclusiveness, and compassion.  That is not the case.  In their appropriate sense, any Christian already approves of those things.  They are not the issue.  They are rabbit trails down which we readily get led -- away from the real issue. 

        What we are being asked to approve is homosexual behavior.  That includes a list of very ugly behaviors which, by their very nature, are deadly.  Easily available evidence shows that homosexuality is rightly described as a compulsive, lethal addiction. 

        I had, some would say, the pathological rudeness to list some of those behaviors at the Gene Robinson event last fall in New Hampshire.  One does not normally talk about such behaviors in public at all, let alone at a consecration.   According to at least two bishops, the behavior issues were never openly and candidly discussed at General Convention or at any House of Bishops meeting.  That is astonishing. 

        Whether I was pathologically rude, or the bishops have been pathologically polite, God will be the judge.  But the fact remains that behavior is the only issue which the Presiding Bishop could not talk around at the consecration.  He did not have to shut down the other protesters because, although they made good and telling points, he and others had been successfully talking around those points for decades.  He had to shut down my listing of behaviors because he knows that when (not if) they get known, the homosexual jig is up. 

        If, every time supporters of homosexuality got up to speak, they knew that they would be required to defend homosexual behavior publicly and in detail, there would be far fewer of them getting up.  Until the behaviors are openly listed, described, and linked to their horrendous health consequences, we will continue to buy a pig in a poke, we will blindly continue to promote deadly behavior to our children and adults alike, and we will continue, as one pastor often noted, to be of little help to the Kingdom of God and little threat to the kingdom of Satan. 

        Clarity always favors truth, unclarity always favors falsehood.  The public, when they get the facts, will not tolerate the kinds of behaviors in which actively homosexual persons engage, and will not appreciate discovering that we have been systematically lied to for four decades. 

        Let us pray that our spiritual leadership will find the backbone to force a candid discussion of the real issue, that list of behaviors which we are being asked to approve. 

Faithfully, Earle Fox

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