Homosexual Debate
Clarity favors Truth
to San Diego Union Tribune - August 15, 2005

To the Editor:

Unclarity always favors falsehood.  When unclarity wins, everyone loses.

The refusal of Doctor Christine Brody to artificially inseminate a lesbian woman has led to a law suit on the part of the lesbian woman, citing homosexual discrimination.

The affair is yet another example of the incapacity or unwillingness of the American public to insist on open, candid discussion of volatile issues.  There has never been an honest and sustained public discussion, (1) giving a clear description of those behaviors in which homosexual persons engage, along with the relevant social, medical, and psychological consequences; and (2) on whether homosexuality is both a behavior and an identity, or whether it is a behavior only.

Behavior and identity are the two key issues of this discussion.  Given the stakes, it is criminally irresponsible that we have allowed the discussion to proceed at all, let alone for over three decades, without public clarification on these two basic items.  We, quite literally, do not know what we are talking about.

The public discussion has been carefully channeled to proceed on the assumption that homosexuality is an identity, and that the behaviors are benign.   Yet the easily available evidence tells us that homosexuality is not an identity, and that homosexual behaviors have addictive and lethal consequences.  If I am wrong, I want to know. 

I hope that the Union Tribune will give us a first in American journalism by doing some honest investigative reporting, insisting on an open contest of ideas and viewpoints on homosexual issues, letting truth lead where it may. 

Clarity always favors truth.  When truth wins, everybody wins. 

                                                                Yours truly,

                                                                 Earle Fox,
                                                                        Emmaus Ministries
                                                                        Vista, California

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