The Tide Still Rises

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April 26, 2002

Washington Times

To the Editor:

Your editorial, "The Tide Still Rises" (4/26/03), tells of the continuing and unrelenting education disaster. But as FDR said, "If it happens in politics, somebody planned it." Education today is more about politics than education.

We know perfectly well how to educate children for intellectual freedom, to explore life and to come to their own decisions about life. Up until about the 1850's, we had the best educated population in the world. People marveled at how our farmers and laborers commonly read newspapers with material (e.g., the Federalist Papers) far above the reading level of today's newspapers. We know how to educate children.

Why then is education not happening? Because those in charge do not want it to happen. Their goal is not an educated, intellectually stimulated, free-thinking public. Their goal is a public which is "socialized", compliant to the dictates of an elite behind the scenes manipulating our lives. The last thing wanted by the National Education Association, or by those running our federal Department of Education, is an honest debate about education. They are interested in control, not education.

They got control because beginning in the 1830's, with Horace Mann, & Co., we socialized our education system, put it under government control.  Imitating the system in Prussia, the most militaristic, control-minded nation in the world, was the only way anybody could think of to get a hammer lock on the thinking of our people -- a strategy employed by every dictator. A dictator must control the religion (worldview) of a society, and if they cannot control religious belief directly, they do it through control of education -- under the patently deceitful guise of being "neutral". They have (more or less) succeeded, at least in dumbing us down to the extent that most Americans really believe we cannot get along without them. "If government does not educate us, who could possibly do it???"

The only reasonable and workable answer to the education issue is to get civil government totally out of education. Give it back to society itself, to parents, to churches, to independent societies and organizations. Parents love their children, educational bureaucracies do not.

I have not seen the Times yet allow this solution to be broached in their pages, but hope that there will be courage sufficient to insist on open, public debate and exploration of these issues. Teaching our children to do that, after all, is a major reason for having education, and absolutely necessary for the survival of a democratic republic.

Yours truly,

Earle Fox

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Postscript (12/28/05)  The original Times article attributes the disaster to the teachers' unions.  That is only partly true.  The strangle hold comes from UNESCO and other globalist groups who want to control the way the whole world thinks, not merely these US of A.  If government control of education were scuttled and returned to a free-market system, that would cut the grip of the globalists off at their wrists.  And they will kill to keep that from happening.  But we must do it or become the mental, emotional, and spiritual slaves of tyrants who have no interest in education, only control.  

Not even Ronald Reagan, though he promised to do so, could get rid of the Federal Dept. of Education -- the pressure against him doing that must have been enormous and unrelenting.  I doubt that he understood the consequences or who was really behind it. 

We will turn the still rising tide only when we get our Biblical foundations back under us and are willing to die for the Lord Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords.  There is no other form of government than the Biblical form which can sustain a free people. 

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