Bruce Fein attacks Roy Moore

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See my paper, "Defining 'Oughtness' and 'Love'" for the argument that only God can obligate anyone.  E Fox.] 


Washington Times

Letter to the Editor:

Bruce Fein (7/8/03) misses the point of Judge Roy Moore's case and so never addresses the real issue, which is about the moral foundation of any law at all. Moore's view was publicly supported by probably every one of the founding fathers, who did not envision a government stripped of our Judeo-Christian heritage.

The Declaration of Independence is about as clear as it can get, echoing William Blackstone, the premiere jurist of the day, read by probably every law student in American and England for a century.  Blackstone taught, as Moore states, that no law can supersede the law of God.  On that basis, the Declaration proclaims that our freedoms, our rights, come from God, not from civil government.

That is just common sense.  If God exists, if God created the cosmos, then clearly His law supersedes any human law.

The basic premise behind Moore's case is that only God an obligate anyone else. No human being, no human institution, can obligate another human being apart from the law of God.  No political or ethical scholar has been able to disprove that premise by providing an alternative.  The very meaning of the word 'obligation' or 'morality' requires our purpose for existence which, as a matter of logic, only our Creator can give.  Ethics without God falls into the morass of subjectivism and circular self-justification, which is the same as no ethics, no morality, at all.  

And if there is no morality, no obligation, no objective difference between right and wrong, then there is no legitimacy to government either.  Government, so-called, is then simply coercion.  Might makes right, rather than right makes might.

So the secularist who wants a democratic republic not-under-God wants something he can have only at the price of something he is not willing to grant.

Yours truly,

Earle Fox

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