US vs. EU

August 12, 2003

Washington Times

To the Editor:

        In comparing the US and EU constitutions, William Niskanan (8/12/03) misses the three most important points:

        1. the EU constitution concentrates power rather than dispersing it;

        2. it aims at equal results for citizens (rather than equal opportunity), thus requiring massive government interference in citizen lives -- to be paid for by massive taxation;

        3. being secular/atheist, it blurs the distinction between "moral" and "civil" law because a cosmos without God has no identifiable source for morality. As a result, civil government replaces God to become the definer of morality. Everything civil government does is done, as it were, at gunpoint, so coercion defines morality -- might makes right.

        All three characteristics set the European Union up for yet one more round of totalitarianism.

        The only way for people to maintain their freedom is precisely the opposite, as with our American constitution:

        1. disperse power, and limit civil government to the role of protector and referee;

        2. aim at equal opportunity, not equal results, and let the God-informed free market and public good will decide the results;

        3. put civil government where our founding fathers (see Declaration of Independence) put it, under the law of God where alone our freedoms really are inalienable.

Yours truly, Earle Fox

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