Government not the source of Morality

Sent - June 4, 2004
Printed Monday, June 7

The Washington Times

To the Editor:

Maggie Gallagher makes a blunder in her otherwise excellent article, "Deadly quasi medical veneer" (WT 6/4/04), when she writes, "If suicide is a legal choice, it is a moral option."  

That is not the case.  Being a legal choice does not make suicide a moral choice.  It is one of the terribly destructive beliefs of our time that government decides morality, a consequence of our Supreme Court demoting God from His sovereignty.   Without God, of course, only civil government looks big enough to take His place, so it can make a seemingly plausible case for itself. 

But civil government logically cannot decide morality.  God does.  The task of government is to administer the moral principles God has already given us -- the bedrock principle upon which our our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written.   Not a single founding father would have dissented from this. 

Without God, there is no objective morality (subjective morality is a self-contradiction).  Only our "reason for existence" can supply the objective basis for moral obligation.  It is a logical fact that civil government cannot create our reason for existence, only He who gave existence to us (and to our government) can do that.  A God-less world is an amoral world, where, as Mao Tse Tung allowed, morality comes out the other end of a gun barrel. 


                                                               Yours truly,

                                                                     Earle Fox

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