Reply to Challenge on Homosexual Information

Sent - June 22, 2004
Printed Thursday, June 24, 2004
(sadly, with all the websites and specific homosexual behaviors omitted.)

The Washington Times

To the Editor:

James  Dolson (June 22) objects to Thomas Sewell's remarks about homosexuality.  He asks for evidence that atrocities against homosexual persons are trumpeted by the press.  Is he unaware of the Matthew Shephard incident in the 1990's which received massive press coverage and to which homosexual advocates still refer? 

He asks for evidence that the press ignores homosexual violence against children.  A few years after the Shephard killing, a young lad (whose name I do not recall) in a southern state was homosexually raped by two men, and asphyxiated by a gag stuffed in his mouth to shut him up.  But the press made almost no mention of the matter and did not treat it as a "hate crime". 

As for statistical information on homosexual lifespan, read "Homosexuality & the Politics of Truth" by Jeffrey Satinover, or "Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?" (p. 244 ff.) by myself, or visit the International Journal of Epidemiology and do a search for "Modelling the impact of HIV disease on mortality in gay and bisexual men", or go to , or to  

Concerning Dolson's reference to "diseases, or costs to taxpayers for dealing with their diseases", the enormous political clout of the homosexual lobby has won the protection of AIDS, a behavior-caused (and thus totally preventable) disease, so that it receives more government funding than diseases with far more deaths. 

The homosexual agenda is aimed at protecting homosexual behavior.  Mr. Dolson needs to explain to the public the specific sexual behaviors engaged in by homosexual persons, such as anal intercourse, rimming, fisting, golden showers (water sports), or coprophagia -- their health consequences, and why he thinks these behaviors should be protected by law.  Several of these deadly behaviors are being taught in Massachusetts public schools (see on "fistgate"), and coming to your school soon if the homosexual agenda has it way -- the total sexualization of culture from cradle to grave. 

 God says "no" to homosexual behavior because the behavior is compulsive, addictive, and lethal.  The loving of persons requires condemnation of self-destructive behavior. 


Yours truly,

Earle Fox

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