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July 4, 2004
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To the Editor:

        Jack Thompson (7/2/04 "Video Games are training young guns") is right about the "training", but misses his own clue about the only substantial solution. Thompson predicted that the beltway sniper would be "a teen-age boy trained on a shooter video game switched to ‘God mode’. ‘I am God’ on the tarot card."

        In 1962, the Supreme Court told God to butt out of American affairs (Engel v. Vitale - on prayer in schools), and that it, the Court, would hence forth decide the difference between right and wrong. The Court turned on its own God mode.

        That year signaled the start of a devastating downslide of American sociological health stats (read "Original Intent" by David Barton) from which we are not recovering.

        Satan promised Eve in the Garden of Eden (Bible, Genesis, chapter 3) that, if she obeyed him rather than God, she would "be as God", i.e., become an independent, autonomous decision-maker -- one who could make up his/her own right and wrong. That began the original sociological downhill slide into chaos, rightly called "the Fall.

        Satan lied. He could not make anyone like God, who, at any cost, commits Himself to truth, righteousness, and love, and thereby makes people in His own image. Satan can make people only like his own image - a liar and a killer.

        Up until about the 1950’s, Americans generally still believed enough of the (by then rapidly disintegrating) Biblical message so that they could carry guns and not be expected to turn them on each other. As Thomas Jefferson pointed out, Christian morality gets to the substance of behavior by educating the heart and mind to submit to the law and grace of God.

        So massive government control of the people was not needed, a principle noted by many of our founding fathers. We controlled ourselves to the truth, righteousness, and love of God. Civil government cannot convict or educate the heart or mind, it can only by threat marginally control outward behavior.

        Until our people elect leaders who recognize that all nations are obligated under (and loved by) God, we will continue the tragic downhill slippage into chaos -- and then massive government control to foolishly attempt to get people to behave, a job only God can handle.


Yours truly,

Earle Fox

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