Sex in Schools

August 13, 2004


Washington Times

To the Editor:

        Deborah Simmons ("Sex and the American Schoolhouse", 8/13) is right. Our children are being badly victimized by pansexual (anything goes) and homosexual pseudo-victims.

        There are such things as "unintended consequences", but when the consequences continue on for decades, one can no longer call them "unintended". Homosexual advocates know perfectly well what they are promoting. The sexualizing of our children via the public school system has been a very carefully planned project of the "sex revolution" crowd (especially the homosexualist branch), nevermind that neither the pansexual revolution in general nor the homosexual revolution in particular ever had a teaspoon of honest science to support them.

        [[Sadly, this paragraph edited out:  
        The homosexual lifestyle is best described as a compulsive, lethal addiction, shortening the lifespan of practitioners by from 30% to 40%. Actively homosexual persons do not typically live much beyond their 40's -- in a culture where we average high into the 70's. They themselves, not the accused "homophobes", are, by far, the worst abusers of their own selves.]]

        Just a few decades ago, the sexualizing program, run today in our schools under protection of law, would have been called criminal sexual abuse of children. We can thank the trash science of Alfred Kinsey for much of this nonsense. Honest science and Godly sexual norms are totally at one with each other.

        The aim of homosexualists has nothing to do with honest love, it is the public justification and total acceptance of homosexual behavior. If possible, they will coerce this acceptance by so-called "hate-crime" laws.

        But they have sold the public a pig in a poke because they (very understandably) do not want the public to see what they are buying. There has never been a candid, mutually respectful public discussion of the real issue, homosexual behavior, because homosexualists cannot afford to discuss such self-destructive behavior in public, and conservatives (almost universally) are too timid or too prudish. So the bizarre situation of immoral and self-destructive behavior being publicly promoted to children without effective resistance continues.

        When that discussion finally happens, as it will, the jig will be up for public acceptance of homosexuality. In the long run, the winning strategy is always gracefully to force an honest confrontation of ideas and policies, or as St. Paul recommends, "speak the truth in love".

Yours truly, Earle Fox


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