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Another revolution in health care is underway, supported by excellent science.  Glyconutrients are about helping your body to heal itself.  16 medical schools now teach glyconutrition, and there are at least four Nobel prizes awarded in the field.  It is a new direction toward supplements which can arm the body to heal itself, with astonishing testimonials, including from well known physicians.  This will change the shape of health care..., much to the chagrin of some major pharmaceutical companies -- who see serious competition coming.  If people stay healthy, they will not need medications.    

Mannatech products are available only through their local representatives. 
If interested in purchasing products, contact Earle Fox.

NOTE:  Because Mannatech is not allowed to associate specific cures with its products by the FDA, I have had to withdraw from being an associate (sales person) with Mannatech.  You will see why if you read the following url's.  Mannatech, I believe, is the object of abusive reporting by the media, and an attempt to shut them down by some of the pharmaceutical companies who do not want the competition.  At issue are fundamental issues of justice in American law.   Read on: 

Earle Fox's experience with Mannatech products. 

20-20 TV vs. Mannatech -- a Lesson in Slanted & Abusive Reporting

Texas et al vs. Mannatech  -- Law vs. Truth
Two lawsuits against Mannatech and their flagship product,
Ambrotose, raise crucial issues of law in America.  See also Civil Suit

Click here for Mannatech's 8-page pdf provisional response to the lawsuit. 

==>>  Sen. Rand Paul's legislation video (or, see video on the Road) to curb the Administrative State  <<==
This is exactly what I see happening with the FDAdmin and Mannatech.

See typical testimonial below.

Websites to visit: 

www.mannatech.com  -- homepage for Mannatech, the parent company producing the only legally available glyconutrients of their kind.  

www.glycoscience.org  -- for the astonishing (but as yet little known) scientific backup on glyconutrients.  

www.glycotools.com  -- for general information, pamphlets, books, testimonials, CDs etc on glyconutrients. 

www.mannarelief.org -- for their outreach to children in 3rd world countries. 


The item just below, found at http://www.glycotools.com/products.asp?p=508, describes a DVD on sale there for $10.  It is a stunner, including three testimonies of persons (one a small child) who had some of the most aggressive forms of cancer known, along with medical commentary. 

"Strength From Within:
Glyconutrients and the Fight Against Cancer" 

They've done it again! Dr. Doug and Rachael Willen, along with their fantastic documentary film team, have created another blockbuster DVD. This video Strength From Within discusses how glyconutrients can work effectively in connection with conventional therapy in the battle against Cancer.

Once again, heart-wrenching life experience stories, combined with state-of-the-art animation, illustrate how glyconutrients can help the body in its battle to stay healthy. 

Drs. Emil Mondoa and Doug Willen provide additional commentary and explanations making this easy to understand for any viewer.


www.mannatech.com   www.glycoscience.com   www.glycotools.com

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