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My Mannatech Experience

F. Earle Fox

By an act of God, I ran into an extraordinary new direction health care is taking, which is creating great opportunities and -- great waves of controversy. 

I was lecturing at a church in the Los Angeles area about three months ago (today is 6/3/07), and afterward sat down to join a conversation between two persons there.  One of them was explaining to the other some products which she said helped restore one's immune system so that it can fight off a host of diseases which plague us.  I became interested and followed up by going to the company website

Our bodies apparently need at least eight carbohydrates which feed the hair like structures on the surface of each cell, which are a part of the intercellular communication system.  The immune system depends heavily on this communication to be able to recognize and attack invaders, and to repair damage.  When this breaks down, the immune system malfunctions, and all kinds of opportunistic diseases and conditions can arise with no help in sight.  The immune system can even attack the body itself, creating auto-immune problems.  Many of these are "modern" diseases, such as the old age degenerative conditions, but also cancers and physical injuries are affected by the lack of the eight nutrients. 

We do not get these carbs as we should anymore because of over-processed food, and because of depleted farm lands.  So they need to be inserted into our diet by food supplements called glyconutrients (glyco- meaning sugar). 

The company which produces the only legally patented form of all eight put together is called Mannatech (manna, as in the Bible, at www.mannatech.com ).  They produce health care supplements aimed at helping your body recover its immune system.  They claim no cures for diseases, but rather that their products support the immune system so that the body can heal itself. 

Amazing testimonies are regularly coming out, many from well known doctors who tried the stuff.  Two well known MDs were cured of cancer almost over night, and are talking about it.  (Just for starters.)   The scientific backup is documented at www.glycoscience.org, and books, audios, DVDs, and other literature are available at www.glycotools.com.

The glyconutrients or carbohydrates are needed to keep the immune system functioning, and cells communicating with each other.  There are four Nobel prizes awarded for glyconutrient research, so it is not junk science, and Mannatech has the patent on the primary product with the 8 carbohydrates needed by the body. 

Mannatech also has an outreach program, www.mannarelief.org, to Africa and other places to get their stuff to undernourished children around the world.  They are a Christian led company.  

They sell products using the "Tupperware" model of local up- and down-stream representatives, so they are not available through stores. 

I started taking their supplements about two months ago (early or middle March 07), and my skin has improved immensely (had problems all my life), and my 72 year old joints are showing clear signs of improving.  I keep noting to myself, "Wow!  So this is what healthy skin is like!"  My skin had not been in terrible shape, but always a bit (and sometimes very) itchy and somewhat scaly.  It is now soft and supple. 

About a month into the program, my skin got very rough, red, and immensely itchy, like a bad case of poison ivy over most of my body.   There is no poison ivy around southern California, so that was clearly not the problem.  Small blisters formed here and there, and I was compulsively scratching the itching, with resultant inflammation and infection. 

It seems that I was going through a body cleansing process, where the toxins which have been stored up are getting flushed out into the blood stream and being excreted, much of it through the skin.  A warm vigorous shower helped a lot, until it built up again.

After almost a month, it began to subside, and slowly developed into the smoothest, cleanest, clearest skin I can remember. 

I have wondered about, and some have suggested, a placebo effect.  But there is no way on God's little green earth that my healing was a placebo effect.  It was a condition I have had all my life, with lots of medications, and no results.  Plenty of opportunity for a placebo effect to kick in.  And I doubt that a placebo effect would imitate a body cleansing where one's skin shows all the signs of dumping toxic stuff (for nearly a month it felt like poison ivy all over), and then clears up leaving a clean, clear skin with no itchiness and feeling healthy for the first time I can remember. 

I know of at least a dozen persons who are severely handicapped in ways that glyconutrients might profoundly help.  If you know some, perhaps yourself, you might do them a favor by directing them to the websites (see Mannatech Page).

The Road to Emmaus is about Christian apologetics, but we will be pointing people on to Mannatech as a sideline.  The Biblical view is that the cosmos is a sacramental thing, the physical being an outward and visible revelation of the inward and spiritual.  So Christians ought to be looking out for ways in which the physical and spiritual complement each other.  It all belongs to God. 

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