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Family Discussion Page

Here are various articles which began as emails, etc., to my family circuit.   We have gotten into some "vigorous fellowship" to be sure.  As you might guess from the stuff below. 

Earliest at the top.

Christianity & Its Critics --  from a family email (12/16/08.    E. Fox 

Obama - Crypto-Muslim --   Maybe I should have said, "Crypto-Communist", but the two are both globalist and tyrannical.  And work a lot together against the West.  Communism and Islam are the two most horrendously violent and cruel belief systems of the last several centuries.  Yes, there are good people in both camps.  But they seldom stand up against their evil-minded fellows. 

Spiritual Growth Requires Spiritual Freedom - on tyranny, orthodoxy, and freedom.  

Constitutional Rule of Law -  Obama, executive abuse of power, and a spineless Constitution.  

Hate & Debate -- response to a vigorous discussion and a challenge in the family email circuit. 

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Date Posted -  11/20/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012