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Home, Sweet Home...

I. The Christian Community of Family Ministry
where I lived from April 2005 to March 2006

See below for La Habra and Friendly Village
March 2006 to ....  present

Below are pictures of my home at the Christian Community of Family Ministry (CCFM, or The Mustard Tree) in Vista, California.  I arrived April 22, 2005, late at night.  See story.   (But see new address now in La Habra, California, and pictures below.)

The first two pictures are at an angle to get a larger horizon span.  So tilt your head already...  :-)






Little Gidding was originally a chicken coop, then became a farm workers house, & then guest house and office space for CCFM.


            Nobody here but just us chickens.                                                               Little Gidding from the side


Bruderhof (German for "brother house") is named after another Christian community. 


                                                                                                                                            Poustinia inside.



Outdoor gardens for meditation and prayer.



II.  Friendly Village Mobile Home Park
to which I moved in March of 2006 to teach at Biola U. in neighboring La Mirada...
Myself and Emmaus Ministries at
1001 W. Lambert Rd., #232, La Habra, CA 90631



Entry to Friendly Village Mobile Home Park


Front Sign and Club House


Swimming Pool behind & Map in front of Club House


 My house is the second from the end on the left.   My street is Annaglen (all the streets are a feminine name + glen).          

Front Porch on left side of house from front and rear.  Looks a bit messy..., but it is a work "in progress..."


Front Porch. It is not as dark as it looks....


Right side of house with back door and shed in rear.


                   Two storage sheds in rear of house       ...and another shed for tool room, which I have now built onto back of the one shed. 

Lots of work to be done on the place, and you can see the piles of stuff around as I am fixing things up.  It is in good structural shape.  Built in 1971 or so, so it still has some of the appearance of a "mobile home".  The newer models look like any other house, and are just as comfortable.  Mine is super for my needs.  And, gee whiz, I get a license plate on the back of each of the two sections.  You can barely see it at the bottom of the center strip on the picture to the right.  I use the under croft space for storage which is why there is an opening under the house.  I'll build a door there for easy entrance, etc.  If you leave the space open, you invite various denizens which you hear bumping in the night. 

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