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Minuteman Page

I joined the Minutemen and had my first encampment on the Mexico border last fall, and one more since then.  I am no longer willing to sit around and let others do what needs to be done. 

My main work is writing, helping to rebuild Biblical theology and restore the Biblical worldview.  That is what the Road to Emmaus is about.  But there are times when the Lord calls us to other things than our main task.  This is one of those for me.  And the border issues have very much to do with our loss of our Biblical government. 

See also Illegal Immigration  and Websites for LEGAL Immigration
and for national page, http://www.minutemanhq.com/
for California,


** Why I am a Minuteman --  E. Fox 

** Foundations of a Free People under a Limited Government --  Love as the foundation of politics.   Unreal?   Ask God about reality..... He invented it.  This is a seminar which I often give at Camp Vigilance.  E. Fox 

** Penthouse, the Minutemen, & the Best of all Possible...   E. Fox Sermon  

** Guns & Citizenship - Earle Fox's 2nd Amendment Story -- 

Minuteman Border Fence in Arizona  --  sealing off illegal immigration.   Wow!  

Minutemen in Arizona -- 

Alert (for April 08) from Chris Simcox -- good summary of situation on the Mexican border. 

AZ Border Patrol Chaplain -- Tells His Story....  

CAMP VIGILANCE - musters along the Mexican border near Boulevard, CA. 

** Pictures of Camp Vigilance on the California-Mexico Border 

** Two Days at Minuteman Camp Vigilance on the Mexico border - October 23-5, 2006  --  E. Fox.

** Minuteman Report on Last Weekend --  October 22-23, 2006

** Minuteman Muster -- 5 days, April 24-28, 2007 ....   E. Fox

** More pictures of the Minutemen -- a weekend (May 19-20).  

** Fixing the Aerial -- June 07 Muster 

** July 07 Muster -- a hot afternoon at Split Rock 

** March 08 Muster -- the Eye in the Sky 

** Cutting the lethal wire...  

** May 08 Muster -- Our Flag --  Rattlesnake avoidance training for dogs...

** July 4, 08 Muster --

** Guns & Citizenship - Earle Fox's 2nd Amendment Story -- 

Should we deport illegals?

** A Letter to my Family - on Immigration and the Minutemen --  E. Fox 

** The Sonora Desert -- a trashing of a culture -- by illegals and by Americans. 

** 14 Reasons to Deport Illegal Aliens -- 

Websites to Support Legal Immigration....

Sanctuary Policy Killing Americans...

Mexifornia -- How to destroy a nation....

The Right to a Driver's License -- Chris Simcox, leader of the Minutemen. 

The Price of Illegal Immigrants 

Immigration and the Nation: a Biblical View, by John C. Vernon -- American Immigration Control Foundation  --  An excellent presentation of the Biblical view of nations and people groups, and their importance in the life of world civilization, and in the Kingdom of God.  

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