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Summary of Minuteman Activities
in California for 2006

Carl Braun, CA State Leader

[COMMENT:  Speaks for itself....   E. Fox]

Dear Fellow Patriot:
2006 is behind us and we have much to be thankful for. Let's take a look at the year in review.
All this and more in just 1 year. I remember freezing our butts off last January at the campgrounds wondering if we were going to be able to pull off the monthly musters; wondering if 6 months from then we would even still be around. Look at us now. You should all be congratulated and take a deep sense of pride in knowing what you have accomplished.
2007 promises to be a banner year for our movement. Amnesty is once again rearing it's ugly head championed by none other than El Presidente Bush. It saddens me to think that this one man has done more to destabilize our great nation than nearly any who have preceded him. Most of this occuring in the last two years.
2007 Muster Schedule  
January 12-14th

February 16-18th

March 9-11th

April (March 30th –April 30th)

May 18-20th

June 22-24th

July 20-22

August 17-19th

September 14-16th

October (September 28th –October 31st)

November/December (Nov 30th –Dec 2nd)

Expanding our Coverage

Interested in going to the border but can't make a Muster Weekend? We are putting together a plan to allow willing Minutemen the opportunity to use Camp Vigilance and secure the border on the other 27 days of the month. If you are interested in participating in this, send an email to reservations@campvigilance.com with the dates you would like to come down. We'll try to pair you up with other MM interested in the same dates. This type of effort will do a great deal to short circuit the smuggling, both  people and drugs, that occurs when we are traditionally not at the border.

This is an ongoing effort. We are now nearly two years old and have accomplished more than any of us could have imagined. Our work is not done though, until the borders are secured and the illegals currently in our country are repatriated to their own. Your participation at the border and by continually contacting your elected representatives and telling them NO AMNESTY-SECURE OUR BORDERS is desperately needed. Let's make 2007 the year that we get our country back and stop the invasion. For good.

Semper Vigilans (always vigilant),
Carl Braun
California State Leader
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA
11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #427
San Diego, CA 92128

"We are Minutemen. Like the Patriots that stood before us at Lexington and Concord, ours is a struggle for the heart and soul of this great Republic. This is the playing field of Franklin, Adams and Jefferson.

It is not a burden...but a privilege."

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