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The Minuteman April Muster

[COMMENT:  The following is an email I just sent to my family.  Some of it was a response to specific queries and comments by family members.  See email below from Carl Braun, CA state MM leader.  See pix and other commentary.

Dear Family,

I will be spending 4-5 days down at Camp Vigilance on the Mexican border later this month, probably April .  XX, the stats below, so far as I can tell, are accurate, and appalling that we allow this to go on.  You implied in responding to YY a few weeks ago that you had better information.  Is there a website where that is available? 

None of these Minutemen folks are anti-immigration or anti-honest-immigrants.  They are anti- lawbreakers, of which there is a gross over-representation among the illegal immigrants.  Crossing the border is just for starters for many of them.

Chris Simcox, who founded and heads the MM, is a man with moral integrity.  He has held the line on keeping the MM in order and reasonable and strictly within the law.  Our job is to help the Border Patrol by being lookouts.  And they are overwhelmingly appreciative.  

 If Bush had any integrity, he would be putting heavy pressure on Mexico to change its own ways so that there could be an honest sharing among the citizens of the great wealth of that nation.  But neither he nor the Mexican leaders have any intention of doing that.  That is because the globalist leaders behind the scenes here in the US of A and those in Mexico are of the same ilk.  Top down control is their aim, not ordered freedom.  The destruction of local government, of local people groups, of local control of our lives via "globalism" is a preparation for control from the top.  That is what we are watching here in America.  In both parties. 

Example in Britain:  See Magna Carta Libertatum at http://theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/21PbAr/Pl/WrldUN/MgnaCrtaLibert.htm   The Magna Carta is getting the same treatment as our Constitution.  We are steadily trashing our liberties because our comforts are soooo much more important.  The homosexual advocates are one of the primary tools being used by the globalists, with Islam a close second, to destroy American culture, i.e, Biblical culture (what there is left).  If this erosion of freedom continues, I predict another civil war. 

An honest, healthy Biblical culture is the only culture which can sustain freedom.  So-called "liberal democracy", which is neither liberal nor democratic, is the precursor to centralized control.  It steadily erodes local culture by atomizing the population, and puts us under the thumb of unaccountable centralized government.  As per Bush's misnamed "Patriot Act". 

We just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords.  There will be peace only when we willingly and responsibly choose Him for our own personal lives, and then for our public lives. 

By the way, I am not against a global civilization.  We do l live more and more in a "global village".  But tyranny is not civilization -- even if we are persuaded to vote ourselves into it.  (Bush et al are not waiting for the vote...)   And if we do vote ourselves in, we will not be allowed to vote ourselves out.  Civilization requires a cooperation of local communities which have learned to get along.  The only way I know that that can happen is under a Biblical model of ordered freedom -- as per our (original) Constitution -- which was written to support an honest pluralism.   

So I hope you all will find some way to stand up and support honest and responsible freedom under God.  That is why I joined the Minutemen.         

Love, Dad/Uncle/Earle/Grampa  ]

Here is a picture of me taken by a friend at the Minuteman Muster


Dear Fellow Patriot,
     No, the headline is not the score from a football game. It is the total number of illegal invaders spotted this weekend here in CA and the number of MM there to spot them. As you can see we were a bit outnumbered. We didn't have as many sightings as Arizona but then again we didn't have as many Minutemen (they had 128) Now, I'm used to the  first muster weekend of our month long event being light in attendance. People schedule themselves later in the month for some unknown reason. Had we had more people there we would have prevented more illegal invaders from coming into our country.
     Someone said to me the other night. What are you doing? You're just wasting your time! You can't stop people from coming into our country and even if you do they will just come back the next day. I reminded them that this is a "political protest". We are there making a statement to our government and by all accounts we are winning the war of words. Secondly, we prevented 45 illegal's from coming into the country or they were caught.  1 out of every 5 is a criminal which means that 9 criminals were prevented from infecting our communities here in CA this weekend. Given that 25 Americans are killed each day by criminal illegal aliens, whose life (lives) did we save?  Statistics show that only 8 or 9 out of every 10 caught will try again. That 10-20% attrition adds up!
     If you think this is just a bunch of middle aged white dudes hanging out for the weekend or if you think your time could be better spent doing something else (like playing golf) you would be wrong on both accounts. We have a diverse group of men and women of all ages and abilities showing up to serve their country at the border.  How important is this battle? According to the NumersUSA folks, if we do not stop ILLEGAL immigration and get control of LEGAL immigration NOW, the United States as you now know it will cease to exist by 2015. That's right. The impoverished in this country will exceed the middle class at that point and we will become a third world nation. We are well on our way now. Won't all the third world countries be happy when they can add the US to their exclusive club. Mexico has the 11th largest economy on the planet yet they are a third world country. Why? Because there are more impoverished than any other class of people. Because they have corrupt politicians and are ruled by large corporations and big money interests. Sound familiar? We need you at the border. We need you today. Without you, there may not be a tomorrow: at least not one we're going to want to live with.
24/7 Operations continue at Camp Vigilance in Boulevard CA 91905. Weekday help needed as well as weekends. Any time you can put in will be useful, especially this weekend with the holiday. People come in for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks. Its up to you. If you are camping, please make reservations at RESERVATIONS@CAMPVIGILANCE.COM . For where to go and what to bring visit http://www.minutemanhq.com/state/read.php?chapter=CA&sid=409  
This Friday, Saturday and Sunday US Night Vision will be on hand with plenty of toys for us  to play with. Night Vision. Thermal and assorted ditties will be displayed and demonstrated. If you have been hankering for a new NVG or a concealable IIIA vest, Steve can hook you up with special MM prices.
We are having an Open House on Saturday April 21st & Sunday April 22nd from 9 til 3pm. If you have friends and family that would like to learn more about the Minutemen. Bring them along. Food and refreshments will be provided.  Ken can still use some help on the committee. Send me and email to carl@minutemanhq.com if you'd like to help.
Semper Vigilans (always vigilant),
Carl Braun
California State Leader
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA
11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #427
San Diego, CA 92128
carl@minutemanhq.com     www.MinutemanHQ.com/CA  

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

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