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5 Days with the Minutemen
on the California - Mexico Border

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F. Earle Fox

I spent five days with the Minutemen of California at the end of April (2007).  It was an exhilarating experience, not least for being around men and women who mean business about being alive Americans.  There is no hoopla at these meetings, just getting down to our business of spotting for the Border Patrol, and radioing in information as to where illegal aliens are attempting to cross the border.  We do not engage the aliens at all, just report. 

Vigils, or "ops" (for operations) as they were called, were conducted almost around the clock, depending on who was available.  We headed for places the Border Patrol could not cover, or to which they would send us for diverting aliens into their nets.

Many of the MM men and women carry pistols, not because the aliens are dangerous, but because there are occasional confrontations with drug dealers, and they can get nasty.  On the whole, their tendency is just to scare people when they show up, but they do NOT want to shoot any American citizen because they are aware of the drastic PR disaster that would be for them.  But there are crazies everywhere. 

I have not owned or shot a gun since my days on the high school rifle team, and plinking in the local woods with my friends, but I plan on getting one.  Not only for MM activities, but more importantly (though I spent most of my adult life as a very uncomfortable pacifist), I have come to believe pacifism is not a Biblical position regarding coercive force. 

In a democratic republic under God, the voting citizens are the primary officers of the state.  To keep that position, they cannot allow government to have a monopoly on guns and coercive force.  Power must be dispersed, not concentrated.  And the only place to disperse it is to the voting citizens. 

I have come to believe that voting citizens all ought to be required to do some substantial service for their country, as in Switzerland where every able bodied male serves in the militia, and has a gun ready in his home.   Such service need not be military, but voters ought to be willing to give substantially for the right to make laws for their country.  And then, one could always opt out by giving up the right to vote. 

Furthermore, every man ought to be able to defend his home and family from criminal danger.  It would do a lot for the softened backbones of American men.  It will happen when American men recover their spiritual credibility.  All police or military action is a subset of spiritual warfare which is going on all the time. 


Below are pictures from my five days at MM Camp Vigilance near Boulevard, California. 



1. A friend and I posted for a 6 to 10 pm vigil overlooking      2. From a spotting point, looking east toward Boundary
a field and just under a peak.  Green bag is for night             Peak, another spotting place.  Border fence runs below to
vision scope.                                                                     our right & to right of the peak.


3 & 4.  Same position as #2.



5 & 6. Another position close to boundary fence.  Fence here is to stop vehicles.  People can pour through.  Left picture shows fence road, which ends because of steep canyon.  Fences are not built over solid rock or much of hilly country, allowing lots of passageways. Right picture shows same road, and where road picks up on other side of canyon, just above black spot. (Not sure what that is...)     #'s 5-8 are all at the same position.


7 & 8.  #7 is looking westward on Mexican side of fence.  #8 is looking west on American side.   The "wall" fence becomes a vehicle fence at this point, and then disappears altogether toward the east as the terrain becomes impossible to build a fence without great cost.  


9 & 10.  Fence road and fence from some high point on the boundary. 


11 & 12. Little Dog (nick name, right) is a grizzled, weather beaten tuna boat captain who has spent the last year or more on this hilltop right on the boundary to spot aliens. He is pretty aggressive going after them.  #10 is looking west toward Little Dog's place at the top.  A super spotting point. 


13 & 14.  #11 is looking east along fence and road.  #12 shows Little Dog striding to left, in front of truck I rode to site in.  


15 & 16.  Little Dog's mobile home, army truck, and potty looking north.  #14 looking west toward two hills, other high points from which spotters watch over the valley. 


17.  Looking across to Mexico from Little Dog's peak.  Houses are too far to be visible in picture, but very visible through binoculars.  Some of them are used by drug dealers for staging their attempts to cross with loads of drugs.  One of the king pins was in a local US filling station, and met Little Dog.  He said to Little Dog, "I'm going to get you...!"  Little Dog replied, "You know where I live."  He doesn't back down.  We need more like him.  


18. More high desert, not very good for tramping across.                19.  A spotter on watch. 


20. Road to a spotting position.                                       21.  More high desert, with border fence & road to right
                                                                                          & across center.  (I put too much green into editing this
                                                                                           picture.  It is much browner than it shows.) 

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