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Minutemen Fixing the Aerial

The June Muster was a great success.  We had an intensive Red Cross First Aid training session as well as border ops (spotting operations to inform the Border Patrol of illegal border crossers). 

A couple of us stayed over Sunday night to do some more "ops" that night and go home Monday with less traffic.  Sunday afternoon we decided to take down and fix the shortwave radio aerial because it was not telescoping up all the way.  Turns out the wire by which it was cranked was looped over one of the struts.  No way it was going up further than it was.  So we got it down level with the crane, freed the crank wire, set up more guy wires for the greater height, and the crane lifted it back up again.  Must be close to 100' when stretched up its highest.



1. The crane gets the aerial down, stretched out,           2.  But a section jams. Ken is up on the platform
       fixed, back up, and ready to telescope up.                        ready to try to free the jammed section. 


   A 4x4 is set under the jammed section....                   the crane gets set to push up on the section....


but it won't budge.  We will have to take aerial down again to get it free. 
    That will probably happen sometime before the July muster. 

Ken and Demetri, the owner (driving the crane) of Outdoor World, the trailer and RV  campground that rents the MM their space, contemplate the situation...    [As it turned out, the aerial was still left as is at the time of the July Muster.  It is higher than before, and may just stay that way -- at least until we can get another big tractor....]  


More contemplation....   They are a neat bunch of guys and gals. 

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