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July 07 Muster

I spent Saturday afternoon at a place dubbed Split Rock by the Minutemen because (see below) it has a rock which looks like it was hit with a meat cleaver down the middle just over the Mexican border. 

   Entrance to an apparently well off ranch on the way to the border fence.  

   Looking west from Split Rock hill.  Border fence & road go to Smith Canyon where there is a gap in the fence and road as here.  The gaps are caused by canyons or mountains where it is nearly impossible to build a fence.  Where you see the line of trees going north and south across the border there is low ground where water occasionally flows. 

    Near there, about two weeks ago, five bodies were found on the Mexican side.  They were reportedly coyotes (guides for the would-be immigrants) who were summarily executed by drug dealers for trying to take their illegals across the border where the dealers wanted to have a free run without attention being attracted by immigrant crossing.  The low land and trees would provide good cover for their activities. 

    It is a brutal war being waged on the Mexican side, with little effective help, it seems, from the Mexican government -- who are, probably, themselves often involved in the drug trade. 


   If you want to hide, do not wear a red hat (see center...).  Blue Levi's and shirts do not help either...  This fellow and two others were hiding here, but ran back into the brush when they saw us, leaving a bottle of water and a back pack.  They appeared to be either late teens or early 20's.  And they are probably ignorant of the danger they are in from the drug dealers. 


   They were hiding just to the right on the other side of the fence.  There is litter all over the ground on both sides.  This has been a favorite spot for border-crossing.  The fence wire is easily cut or tied back to crawl under, and roads to highway 94 along the border are easily found.  Yet, many stragglers get left behind, often wounded or sick, and are found by the Border Patrol or Minutemen.  Some die.  Many are abused by their "coyotes" (guides). 

   This is just to right of above picture.  Fence wire is small deterrent to illegal crossing. 

   Behind Split Rock, above and below, is where the three men ended up hiding.  From my spotting position (see below), I could see them as they crossed behind the rocks at the gap on the left side of the rock.  They would peer around the right end of the rock, but could be seen by the rest of my party who were posted to the right on the American side (see last picture below).  We wanted to stay hidden and hoped they would try to cross so we could call the Border Patrol, who would not come if they remained on the Mexican side. 

    We did inform the BP that the men were there, and saw their trucks in various places nearby, on the alert in case the three should make a run for it.  The BP are very grateful for our being there to assist in spotting. 


   The fellow who ran off leaving his pack came down the path on the Mexican side and retrieved his pack and water.  No reason to hide.  Neither we nor the Border Patrol could do anything so long as they were on their side of the border.  And we make no real contact with the crossers.  If they approach, we retreat. 

  I am told that the US government leaves about a 60 foot space between the fence and the actual border.  They would almost have to just to construct the fence without treading on Mexican land.  But everyone treats the fence as the border. 

   Picture taken from my spotting place, as I watched toward Split Rock (2 pix above & just to the left of this pix) where the men were hiding (more or less).  Split rock is just to the left of this picture.  You can see two of our men at the top of the hill just to the right of the fence going over the hill. 

    It was hard to tell whether the three men saw us until one of our men up on the hill there took a picture of them.  Then they ran and we did not see them again.  We suspected that they waited until dark to cross, when it is much easier.  We would have sent another team out there at dark, but other spots had heated up also, and the available MM were sent elsewhere. 

One gets quite a different picture of being an American, taking personal responsibility for the welfare of our country.  Our lives are not at great risk, but risk there is.  Most MM here in California have side arms, and probably elsewhere also.  A sidearm is recommended by the MM leaders. 

Here is one more of the fence in one of our areas.  When finished, the fence will have flags all along this stretch for about two miles across the valley from east to west. 

It obviously will not stop persons, but it will prevent vehicles, which carry not only people but often drugs by the thousands of pounds.  At some places, they will mount moveable ramps over the fence and drive right over, then move the ramp back out of sight.  But the border is slowly being closed more and more.  Not much thanks to our traitorous government, but to the ordinary citizens who donate time, effort, and funds. 

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