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Alert: Minutemen to Provide Support
for Hard-Pressed US Border Patrol Agents

Chris Simcox

[COMMENT: this is a good summary of the situation on the Mexican border.  Most of the time we spend on the border is quiet, but the situation can get "busy" very easily.    See Minuteman Page.   E. Fox]

"Coyotes" and drug smugglers are increasing the violence on our borders and against our hard-pressed U.S. Border Patrol, in order to achieve the criminal objectives of their ruthless organizations.  There is no sign of our government fulfilling its constitutional duty to defend our borders, so in an effort to protect our country, Minuteman volunteers will hold the first 2008 national border muster from 28 March through 31 April in Arizona, Texas, California, and Washington state. 

MCDC volunteers will be on the border to support the BP during one of the busiest times of the year and deter these drug cartels and criminal syndicates from violating our sovereignty and endangering our citizens.  These lawbreakers travel back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico undeterred, daily, with the hope that our next president will grant amnesty to 40 million illegal aliens, not just 12 or 20 million.

Rock throwing, Molotov cocktails, gunfire and killing BP agents with trucks, as we saw with the savage attack against Agent Luis Aguilar, are becoming routine.  Within the last few weeks, Border Patrol has also found fishing line and rope strung from border barriers to other objects, used in an attempt to decapitate BP agents patrolling on all-terrain vehicles.

YOU can make the difference in securing America, by helping us to do the job our government refuses to do!  Please ACT NOW to support future Minuteman border watch operations that will ensure these over-worked Border Patrol agents don't sacrifice for our nation and our families in vain. 

Select Here to Donate to the Border Operations Support Fund

Wayward Washington politicians want us to believe that "virtual" fencing can secure our nation's borders, but we all know that only boots on the ground and a physical border security fence will truly make the difference.  We will use the April muster to show Washington that no matter how many times Homeland Security Chief Chertoff chooses to appear before their committees and praise Boeing's hopelessly flawed and inadequate Project 28 technology, our borders will still be left unsecured UNTIL THE PROMISED FEDERAL BORDER FENCE IS BUILT.

Knowing the direction illegal entrants travel into the United States DOES NOT prevent them from violating our sovereign borders, committing criminal acts, and harming our families.

The reluctance by the federal government to secure our borders properly and enforce immigration laws is exacerbating a worsening situation of criminal cartel border incursions, rampant drug, sex and "coyote" migrant-trafficking and increasing violence—and this crisis will only deepen with Washington's refusal to secure our porous border for yet another year.  We need a border fence, we need the National Guard back on duty, and we need them NOW. 

U.S. Border Patrol agents continue to serve under increasingly dangerous conditions, as they receive mere lip service from Washington lawmakers, who just last month stripped $3 Billion of border security funding from the budget of the Homeland Security Department.  Current federal policies intensify already deep concerns that our broken borders serve as an open pathway to a growing illegal alien migrant invasion—among whom are concealed God-only-knows how many potential terrorists and violent criminal cartel "soldiers." 

Help us continue to succeed in protecting your families and securing our nation's borders.

Select Here to Donate to the Border Operations Support Fund

Our Minuteman volunteers will use MCDC-provided, third generation night vision goggles, thermal cameras and mounted Eye-in-the-Sky technology in high illegal-traffic locations to assist in spotting and reporting illegal incursions into American territory.  Minutemen volunteers from around their country will travel far and wide, contribute their personal resources to join us in the desert—all in the name of love of country—and demonstrate citizen appreciation for the difficult work conducted by overworked and under-supported U.S. Border Patrol agents.
We used much of this technology already this year during the January and February musters, where many of us spent nearly 60 hours in the Altar Valley of Arizona enduring near freezing temperatures.  Fortunately, our efforts have not been in vain.

In February alone, 60 volunteers brought credit upon the MCDC organization by conducting 3 more life saving rescues.  They also spotted 120 illegal entrants in our sector, but Border Patrol was only able to apprehended 18 of them—another reason we need to have the National Guard posted back on the border. 

These weekend musters have saved lives and earned us the respect of the hard-pressed men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol rank-and-file.  The results of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps border watch for illegal alien activities are:

  • Border Sightings – over 30,962
  • Confirmed with U.S. Border Patrol – 13,787 alien intruder apprehensions from 26 foreign countries 
  • Rescues – 313 saved from dying in the desert 
  • Five 30-day operations in five states totaling 750 days on Watch 
  • Seventy-two monthly weekend operations totaling 220 days on Watch 
  • Total days of Minutemen on Watch at the border 969 days 
  • 100 local chapters created in 50 states 
  • Minutemen on rolling Watch in local communities 365 days a year 24x7 
  • Defeating Amnesty Legislation in Washington, DC 
  • Leading the Charge: Making the Illegal Alien Invasion and Border Security a National Issue

You can make the difference by helping us to do the job our government refuses to do!  Please ACT NOW so we can continue to deploy volunteer patriots and use technology to help in the security of our porous borders—to help ensure our embattled Border Patrol agents don't sacrifice for our nation and our families in vain.

Select Here to Donate to the Border Operations Support Fund

If patriotic Americans like you don't take action—QUICKLY—the liberal Congress in Washington will ERASE OUR BORDERS and vote for AMNESTY this YEAR, instead of SECURING OUR BORDERS and funding the promised BORDER FENCE!

Today, our call goes out to YOU and your fellow countrymen to protect and defend YOUR America. It is YOUR nation, YOUR community, YOUR neighborhood and YOUR wallet that is bearing the burdens of the illegal alien invasion…

WE MUST HAVE VOLUNTEERS AND FINANCIAL RESOURCES NOW!  MCDC is CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS and loyal Minuteman SUPPORTERS in the colonial tradition of the Minutemen, to SERVE in person, or DONATE money and materials to HELP PROTECT AND DEFEND OUR NATION. Thank you to all volunteers who at their own expense monitor the borders, and to those who respond by doing one or more of the following:

1) If you are a registered volunteer and cannot go to the border, or if you just want to send your financial support to our Minutemen at the border.
Select Here to Donate to the Border Muster Operations Support Fund 

2) If you want to be a Registered 2008 Minuteman and get your ID card.
Select Here To Become a Real Border Security Minuteman!!!

3) See Details for 2008 Border Muster Operations locations and schedules.
Select Here for Details on 2008 Minuteman Corps Border Musters

YOU can make a REAL DIFFERENCE!  For your sake, for the sake of your children, your grandchildren, and for generations to come, please help MCDC continue its fight to protect and preserve the United States of America and defend our Constitution.

Please ACT NOW so we can secure the borders and deter people from entering out country in this illegal manner, thereby reducing the need for humanitarian aid or hospital stays at the expense of U.S. taxpayers, AND TO REDUCE THE VIOLENCE AND CRIMINALITY THAT FOLLOWS IN THE WAKE OF THIS LAWLESSNESS. 

Select Here to Donate to the Border Operations Support Fund

Before year's end, thousands of more thugs, terrorists, and international drug cartel "soldiers" will harm our citizens unless we build a physical border fence and put the National Guard back on our Southern border.


Your support can make the difference by helping us to do the job our government refuses to do!  Thank you.

Sincerely for these United States,

Chris Simcox, President
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

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