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Cutting the Lethal Wire....

Some of the nastier sorts of folks across the Mexican border, mostly the drug runners, I suppose, have put up thin wire strung between trees, etc,, about 4' high, to catch the necks of Border Patrol and Minutemen who ride ATV's around the high desert area along the border. 

So, one of our guys put together a device in front of his ATM made of two vertical metal bars with a sharp leading front edge wired to a battery.  When it hits the wire, the wire closes the electrical circuit, heats up, and is easily cut by the force of the device. 

Here we see him running through wire, some of it quite tough, of various sizes.  It worked, and he will offer to produce the units for the Border Patrol.  Yankee ingenuity...


The wire was strung between two telephone poles, one of which you can see.  You can also see the wire shining against the pole after it had lashed back.  Quite surprising how effective it was.  It should protect anyone driving along from a wire stretched out. 

Notice that he ducks..., just in case.  Better safe than sorry. 

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