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May 08 Muster

Flags and Snakes.

Three pictures of the Flag as you enter Camp Vigilance. 



And three pictures of rattlesnakes which are used to train dogs to avoid the critters.  The dogs are led on a leash up close to the snakes, and then given a jolt of electricity.  They associate the jolt with the snake and will not get close again if they can help it. 

The little critters can be more deadly than the bigger ones because they do not yet control the amount of venom injected with their injection needle teeth.  So you are likely to get a bigger dose of venom from these little ones than the bigger ones.  You can see the tape wound around the mouth of the little snake. 

They seem to get along with each other just fine.   You can see the tape crossed over their heads to keep them from biting the handlers or the dogs. 

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