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Report on Last Weekend

[COMMENT:  This report from Minuteman California Camp Vigilance covers the time just before I was there (Monday, Oct. 24-Tuesday-25, 2006).  I got there Sunday night, just as the weekend crew was leaving.  The so-called "Burning Man" Concert, a sort of drop back to the 1960's, loud and wacky, went on more days than it was supposed to, but the owners of the property gave us MM folks a free bag of ice and an icecream cone for putting up with the noise.

The scope in the picture below looks exactly like the one I used.  I now have my own binoculars.    E. Fox]

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Last weekend we had a terrific turnout and were able to cover a great deal of the 20 miles of border we have adopted. You may recall we had a hand in BP catching a major drug load coming across the border the week before in ONeil Valley. In apparent retribution, villains destroyed our border flags along the fence in O’Neil Valley and they and the drug dealers have been rewarded with hundreds of brand new flags and 24/7 armed guards to watch over them. The message: “Mess with our Flag and your business will suffer”.  We have seen quite a bit of south side activity there lately but none seems interested in running the gauntlet.

It was an interesting weekend as the Burning Man Concert was on the adjoining property with 23 hours per day of techno music blaring. Steve H treated the party goers to a 6am Reveille Call on Sunday after the hapless partiers called it a night. Very funny. Thankfully they are only here once per year.  Imagine some of their surprise when they tried to sneak into a completely dark Camp Vigilance in the middle of the night only to run into one of our night vision equipped guards in the dark.

As usual we have had illegals as well wander into our camp looking for humanitarian aid. Seems like a Sunday thing lately. While the rest of the border was pretty quiet this weekend our presence was known in force and no doubt contributed to many of them staying in their own country or turning back south after they encountered either the Minutemen, Border Patrol or National Guard. As I have said many times, the true measure of our success cannot be found in the number of illegals we spot but in the number we do not. The Border Patrol has acknowledged that traffic lately is way down. A sure sign our efforts are paying off.

After a recent presentation to the El Centro Rotary on Border Insecurity, a local businessman had come up to me and told me a story. He had flown into Mexicali coming home from a business trip. While waiting for his wife to pick him up he started chatting with a Cab driver who told him that since July his business is off by 85%. The reason is people would fly into Mexicali from all over Mexico, hook up with a coyote, hire a cab to take them to a drop off point along the border and well, you know the rest of the story.

At any rate, since July most are getting caught and losing their money so they have stopped coming. He credited the Minutemen and the National Guard as the reasons for his loss in revenue. We couldn’t feel better about that.


Still working on improving the camp experience. The food committee led by Anita, Mona & Karen put together another incredible spread for only $5 bucks each. Lasagne, Hamburgers, Hot dogs, beans, salads and all the good stuff that goes with it. Best deal at the border by far.

This week we will have our evening meals on Friday and Saturday along with a Sunday Brunch. Don’t miss it!

The neighbors have been stopping by and with the exception of one of them driving by screaming “Vive Mexico” all have been supportive. Might we suggest that young lad actually go BACK to the country he loves so dearly.

We are working on renovating the Stagecoach Depot and still have a need for rolled roofing. Any donations are appreciated. Many thanks to all who have contributed to the camp thus far!


Operations continue throughout the week. On Friday there will be a meeting at 6pm after the evening meal at 5:00 with Training to follow at 7pm for newcomers. Day and night ops will be held. Saturday and Sunday our meetings will be at 7:00am and 7:30am respectively With training to follow Saturday at 8am. We will continue operations through Tuesday October 31st.


Given the holidays we have scheduled our next muster for Friday December 1st to Sunday the 3rd. Check the website for updated info on next years muster schedule at http://www.minutemancorpsca.com  I heard a rumor that Camo Santa may be arriving for this months event.  [I plan to be there if possible. E. Fox]


Semper Vigilans (always vigilant),

Carl Braun

California State Leader

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA

11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #427

San Diego, CA 92128


www.MinutemanCorpsCA.com     www.MinutemanHQ.com 

Check out our BorderFlags video at www.Borderflags.com/BorderUSA.html

"Should President Bush and Congress fail to fulfill their oaths of office, and meet their Constitutional obligation to protect these United States from invasion, we, the sovereign people of the United States, having suffered a long train of abuses at the hand of a willfully insolent government, do hereby declare that these States ought, should and will be protected by American Minutemen." Chris Simcox

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