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Camp Vigilance - Minutemen

The pictures below were taken at my first Minuteman encampment, October 22-4, 2006. 

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Windmill generators nearby on the highway.  There must have been about 20 of them.   

Yard                                                                                 and Lodge, an old stage coach stopping place.

My tent and stagecoach                                           and the camp office.  Apparently most of the sightings
                                                                                     and reportings were of aliens coming through the camp
                                                                                     area.  One lady was arrested who had strayed from her
                                                                                     group, and came into camp for help. 

High desert boulders.....  about 4000 feet above sea level -- right on the border. 

Old border fence in behind shrubs -- lots of holes...    Some club's gun range with border fence behind it.

Barbed wire fence, hardly adequate.  More high desert -- flat from erosion and sediment, with hills &
     mountains jutting out.  Lots of rocks.


Border Peak, right near the border, good lookout                               

Border Peak --  and then, looking down at a border road from about 2/3's way up Border Peak.   From here
     I was using probably the same scope (from the camp) that is pictured here.  With 20x magnification, I could
     easily see people far down on the road.  I never did see an alien -- the crossing in the area had dropped
     about 80% -- due to cooperation between Border Patrol, Minutemen, and National Guard.  Another MM crew
     was across the valley a bit to the right of this picture overlooking the same road.  We communicated with
     walkie talkies. 

Looking upward at peak from same spot at the end of the trail as previous image looking down.  A rough road
     came about 1/3rd of the way, then a pathway to about 2/3rds, and then you were on your own.  Steep and slippery
     due to loose gravel and sand.  One of our crew climbed up, then slid back down on his rear end back to the path. 
     Someone had put some folding chairs up at the top for observers to take their ease.... 

See other reports:         Minutemen gathering in Arizona.
               My story                Minuteman report on the weekend I was there.        Illegal Immigration


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