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Why I am a Minuteman

[COMMENT:  The following is a letter in response to a family member who had remarked about my being a Minuteman.  E. Fox]

Dear Xxxxx,

        I got "What if Immigration's not the Problem", and find that I agree with a lot, maybe most, of it. 

        Immigration is not THE Problem, but it is certainly A problem, and, I would say, a major problem.  The author points to NAFTA and the IMF, which in my opinion are probably treasonous -- because these things are being pulled off - by design - without any serious public discussion.  I.e., American sovereignty is being destroyed without public debate.  And the role of the big corporations is equally treasonous, a deliberate manipulation of our government for their own greed.  Fascism. 

        So what is the "real" problem?  I would identify it along the lines of our incapacity as a people, almost across the board, to have honest and candid discussions on just about any issue.  The minds of the people have been all but nullified by our public school system, which, right from the very beginning (Horace Mann, John Dewey, et al), was never intended to set free with truth, i.e., to educate, but to control.  That is easily documentable.  And patently clear today.  We are addicted to narcissistic consumerism (thank you, public education, advertisers, and media), and do not want to be disturbed by anything so fractious as truth-seeking. 

        I would also identify the real problem with Christians (along with most other Westerners) having lost their intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity, and so allowing themselves to be sidelined from the public arena.  Christians, for the most part, have lost any sense of a Biblical worldview and hence any notion of what Biblical politics would be.  Christians have virtually nothing helpful to say on the subject -- with just a handful of exceptions.

        The immigration problem with Mexico is part of the globalist drive for a UN world government, and the erasing of all national boundaries.  That means tyranny on a global scale.  There will be no accountability of the UN government to the people, no voting in (or out) of officers, no serious representation of the people, because local societies and local buffering communities are being destroyed, leaving us vulnerable to control from the top level on the most intimate issues of our personal lives.  We are looking right down the barrel of "1984". 

        The UN, if all "goes well", will control all military and police power in order to preserve peace (of course).  That centralization of power will absolutely guarantee a continuation of war because God will continue to raise up people who understand and value the kind of liberty which God provides.  They will make war on tyrants, as did our founding fathers. 

We have, I think, the option between "civil government is lord" versus "Jesus is Lord".  It will be one or the other.  Only God knows how to provide honest and substantial freedom, including for minorities and dissenters.  No one else can pull it off.  Look at all of recorded history. 

        Our not-the-major-problem immigration is nevertheless a cultural disaster.  Hospitals are closing because they are forced to take everybody, too many of whom cannot pay, and are going broke, our already dysfunctional schools are further over crowded and education a mockery, the crime rate of immigrants is way out of proportion to their numbers, etc., etc.  And a substantial number of them are quite serious about taking over the southwest USA.   None of this is accidental.  We are being deliberately destroyed as a functioning nation. 

        It is no act of love and compassion to allow people into a society in a way that will destroy the very thing for which they (the good ones, at least) want to come here. 

        We hear no pressure from Bush, et al, on Mexico to get their own act in order to provide honest freedom and a livable income for their own people.  Mexico has enormous riches, which are controlled by a small cartel of families.  Bush is not interested in honest justice.  But he is just a tool of the globalists.  Both parties are. 

        I do not want people crossing the American borders illegally any more than I would want them entering my home illegally.  If we do not or cannot control our home/national borders, we will lose them.  And we are.  We hardly can be said to own our property any more because our home boundaries are being dissolved (e.g., Kelo decision).  They are subject to government intervention in increasingly intrusive and unappealable ways.  Bush is using the terrorist threat to put us under that kind of intrusion.  [See note below -- from a trustworthy (not infallible) friend.]

        There is no remedy for the situation other than a return to our Biblical foundations.  So-called liberal democracy does not cut the mustard.  It is a sham regarding freedom, and sets the people up (by stripping them of intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity) for the very control system now being constructed.   That is what Bush et al want to impose on Iraq -- something the globalists think they can control.  They will not succeed for long. It will turn on them.  Maybe, like Mussolini, leave them hanging from the nearest lamp post.  Violence is guaranteed. 

        In a Biblical form of government, government is strictly limited, as per our (original) constitution.  Government does not control education, so a substantial number of citizens will actually get a reasonable education rather than brainwashing.  And most important, the government is under an Authority higher than itself, which, as our Declaration of Independence points out, is the only way that our freedoms are unalienable. 

        And, as far as pluralism is concerned, it was the Biblical worldview which produced the first truly pluralistic culture, as illustrated in our original constitution.    Everyone (who agrees to the real pluralism) is welcome to the debate, not because everyone's ideas are true, but to find out whether they are true and appropriate for the issue at hand.  Opinions are plural, truth is singular.  Our constitution applies those principles to legislation and the running of government.  God is the Original Libertarian.  He understands how to produce a free people. 

        At any rate, I think it important for us to stand up and make a statement.  Being a Minuteman is one way I want to do that.  I do not know whether America as we know it will survive.  I suspect not, given the intellectually, morally, and spiritually incompetent population we now have -- with the Church the main culprit.  Look at Europe. 

        God may have a surprise up His sleeve.  But either way, I will be faithful to Him and His purposes.  Under the law and grace of God, we will one day build an honestly free and stable and righteous civilization. 

        This is probably a longer response than you were looking for... But there it is. 




Government (and hackers) can now listen to your conversations if your
cell phone is with you (or you're riding with OnStar) -- even if the
phone is shut off. All they have to do is turn on the mic remotely. This
is not a tin foil hat hoax.



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