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The Mud Caves
in the Anza-Borego Desert
a Church of the Blessed Sacrament Trip

March 2008 trip, led by Fr. David Baumann, rector of Church of the Blessed Sacrament.  The ground of the mud caves had been forced up millions of years ago from the bottom of the sea.  It is hard baked mud now, until it rains, when it becomes instant slime.  It rains very little, but sometimes torrentially, creating new caves where the water finds a way to leak through.  A very small leak can become large and long, several hundred yards long, and various sizes and shapes of rooms. 

There are several caves in the area, we saw only a few of them. 



   We ate lunch in Julian on way to Mud Caves                                                          For the tourist trade 




                                                                                                                Julian California on a Sunday...


                                                                                                                                Campsite 1 (from my "bunk")


 Campsite 2  My bunk was originally just above person at                                                 Campsite 3
 right, at foot of valley.  At night wind sluiced down valley
 onto me, so I moved my bunk to other side of tent. 


                                       Campsite 4                                                                    Campsite 5 (all 5 are same site)
                                                                                                               My "bunk" was moved just to left of upper tent.


                        Mountain by camp (see campsite 3)                     Valley road out from back of camp - left under ridge of next
                                                                                                                          picture.  Campsite is behind me.

Looking from peak, valley road winds in reverse S curve, back below first ridge just above my shadow sticking up, then into wilderness.  Camp is below first ridge, to right and behind, following road in previous picture. Susceptible to flash floods


                                    Cave Door 1a                                                                            Cave Door 1b


                                  Cave Door 2                                                              Cave entrance from high over campsite


                                        Cave exit                                                                Same Cave Exit -- no camera flash


                            Canyon from top                                                        Another Canyon - someone at bottom in the shade


            Dan taking pictures of the sedimentary layers                                   Layers turned 90 degrees up


              More mud on the floor and layers in the walls                                                         Skylite 1


                                       Skylite 2                                                                            Skylite 3

                                                                 Paul taking pictures under another skylite


    Funnel at top of cave - where we climb out to top of world                       Dan, Dan, the Camera Man on top of world.


                                On Top of the World                                                         Yes, there is life at the top of the world 


                       4 on a peak                                                                    Bottom of the sea at the top of the world


                        Heading down from the top                                                       Winding our way down.... on the outside.



                                Majestic barrenness                                                               Water Sculpture 1


                                    Closer                                                         & Closer (no doubt funneling down inside to a cave)


Our motley group about to leave the Mud Caves.
Can't see faces, but I am on the left (wearing 2 pair of glasses), then Fr. David, Dan in front,
Steve behind, Heather and Joel, Joi, Stephanie in front, and Paul behind.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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