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The Rev. Earle Fox, D. Phil. is available for teachings, workshops, conferences in a number of areas.  Dr. Fox has been engaged in Christian apologetics for over 35 years, and has developed and published material in a number of areas assisting Christians to understand the unique and reasonable nature of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Persons looking for ways to explain the Gospel to the modern world in terms that are spiritually and intellectually compelling will be interested in the topics listed below.  


The Two Worldviews -- the Key to understanding Christian apologetics

Winning the Public Arena  --  We have no valid excuse for not taking back the public arena for Jesus Christ

    Education  --  the primary sluiceway secularism, and now paganism, is corrupting the minds of our people

    Politics  --  putting the use of coercive force back under the law and grace of God

    Human Sexuality  --  the cutting edge of the secular/pagan Wedge which is slicing through Western Civ.

Inner Healing  --  a healthy culture requires citizens who are spiritually and emotionally healthy

Science & Religion  --  recovering our Biblical intellectual credibility 


Financial Arrangements  --  tailoring your financial commitment to your situation. 

 The Two Worldviews

There are only two basic ways to look at life, the Biblical way and the "perennial"  (secular/pagan) way.  Once we understand the two fundamental patterns of all belief, and the radical choice which the Biblical worldview alone offers, many questions find answers concerning how Christians are to relate gracefully to persons of other religions, and about how we can explain our faith.  The rationale for saying (for example) that Jesus is the unique Way to God, or that Christianity really is true, begins to make rational sense rather than appearing arrogant.  

          Understanding the two worldviews is the foundation for all other Christian apologetics and evangelism. 

         Dr. Fox has produced a four-hour video series (divided into 45 minute sessions) outlining the two worldviews, available from Emmaus Ministries.  The material, whether on video or live, is appropriate from high school and up for preparing Christians to give solid answers to secular and pagan challenges.  

Winning the Public Arena 

        Education, Politics, and Human sexuality are major areas of public life in which Christians have been shamefully run from the field.  Christians retreated because they became convinced that "reason" and "revelation" were opposed to each other, and so feared that in public debate, reason would make revelation look "unreasonable".  

        In fact, there is no such opposition -- if revelation  and faith are understood in Biblical terms.  In Scripture, reason is treated only with the highest respect.  God invites us into His presence: "Come, let us reason together...."  Christians --who in America were given all the tools to build a powerful Godly nation --  lost the battle for the 20th century -- which, for sheer brutality was the most debauched, violent century of human history.  We must recapture the high ground in education and politics if we expect to be of significant service to God in the 21st century.

         Education: The "public" school system by the early 1900's had become the Church of Secular Humanism.  In the 1990's it is fast becoming the Church of Neo-Paganism.  Christians had foolishly come to believe that the secular schools were "neutral", teaching merely the "objective facts" about life, and not doing anything that might hinder their children from a Christian faith.  The truth is that the government (not really public at all) school system has been the second most effective anti-Christ institution in America.   Biblical faith was run from the schools, not by reasonable argument, but  in large part by state-controlled, tax-supported, mandatory attendance required at schools dedicated (politely and surgically and "democratically") to removing God from public life.  Christians have (rightly) retreated to home schooling, but still are talking more about what they do not like than offering a clear and reasonable alternative.  Christians must remove their children from government schools, but we must also market a philosophy of education which commands the respect of thinking and educated people.  

        The truth is that God is the Consummate Educator, and that the Bible (contrary to reputation) contains within it all the basic principles of healthy and intellectually honest and free education.  One can say that, apart from God, honest education has no secure future on earth.  

        Dr. Fox for eight years has explored the meaning of education in general, and Christian education in particular, resulting in a philosophy of education which no Christian need be afraid to market publicly as the best there is.  

        Politics: The success of secular and pagan forces in the 20th century came about because, as Lincoln said, "The philosophy in education today will be the philosophy in government tomorrow." Christians (Protestant in particular) abandoned education of their children, and so the children turned against the faith of their fathers, and (predictably) have voted into office persons who are openly hostile to the public expression of the Christian faith.  

        "Jesus is Lord" is a political statement.  Jesus is the King of kings.  Those "kings" of whom Jesus is the King are all the governors, presidents, legislators, judges and other rulers of the world.  The fact that most of them do not know that is testimony to the ineffectiveness of Christians to present the case for Jesus being King and Lord.  But the case is solid and secure.  When Christians learn the basic principle of all government and how the Biblical picture fits into that, they will again be able to bring into public discussion the rightful and reasonable claims of Jesus, and will no longer be embarrassed to be seen walking down the street arm in arm with their Lord and Savior.  

        America was founded as a Christian nation by a nation of Christians.  God has a claim on all nations, but America has a history unique in all the world, an opportunity to be a part of the evangelization of the world not only through sending Bibles and missionaries, but through Godly politics and Godly government.  The exportation of the principles of a democratic republic logically require the prior foundation of an understanding and commitment to the law and grace of God.  Our political freedom is just as much a gift of God as is our salvation.  Political freedom flows from spiritual freedom, and cannot endure without it.  

        Dr. Fox has written a book, Reason, Revelation, and Politics (see Shopping Mall, Politics section),  which lays down some of the primary principles for this understanding.  


         Human Sexuality: The so-called sex revolution, which never had a teaspoon of evidence to support it, has devastated countless thousands of individuals -- men, women, and children.  It has ravaged families and communities.  Sexuality is a primary arena in which the battle for truth is being waged.  The Biblical view of human sexuality wins hands down over every other view, on every possible grounds where the evidence is objectively presented.  

         Dr. Fox has done extensive research and writing to develop the Biblical view of human sexuality. He has responded to the downslide of the Christian community into the uncritical and unreasonable acceptance of sexual promiscuity, adultery, pre-marital sex, and homosexuality in written, audio, and video publications.  He has lectured several times at the Exodus International conferences, a ministry by ex-homosexual persons to assist others in coming out of that destructive lifestyle on the healing of sexual addiction.   Beginning in December 1998, Dr. Fox was director of Transformation Christian Ministries in Alexandria, Virginia, an affiliate of Exodus, an umbrella for over 150 ministries world-wide, helping persons out of the homosexual lifestyle to live their God-given heterosexual identity made in the Image of God. 

            In 2001, Dr. Fox left TCM and returned to Emmaus Ministries to pursue apologetics, with an emphasis on sexuality issue.  He, with co-author, David Virtue, has published

Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? 
the Wedding of Truth to Compassion and Reason to Revelation

perhaps the only book available with a comprehensive, Biblical, and scientifically supported strategy for winning the struggle for sexual sanity. 

            Dr. Fox also offers a seminar, The Biblical Agenda for Human Sexuality, normally Friday evening and Saturday, to teach churches and other interested parties how to reach out and minister to homosexual persons, and how to respond with truth and grace to the homosexualist agenda in the public arena. 

Inner Healing & the Biblical View of Human Nature

        Psychology is not a secular disease, it is the study of human nature.  The secularization of psychology (or any other field of inquiry) is the problem, not psychology itself.  God invented psychology, not Freud or Jung.  The Bible has its own unique psychology, its own understanding of human nature, which can stand toe to toe with any thing the world can produce and give a far better account of human nature.  But few Christians are aware of that fact and so the Christian community, paradoxically, has done little to integrate faith with the workings of our souls.

        The development of a Biblical view of human nature is of paramount importance to making drawing the connections between what God has done for us and who we are as human beings.  We are creatures of God, and we need to learn how to cooperate with the activity of God.  That cannot be done apart from an understanding of what it means to be human.  

        Dr. Fox has been a pastoral counselor for 35 years, produced over 50 cassette tapes, several albums, and written a book, Biblical Inner Healing (see Shopping Mall, Healing section), which lay the foundations of a Biblical view of human nature.  He conducts inner healing workshops which can introduce or build up parish healing ministry.  

Science and Religion

        The reputation which science has for being the enemy of Biblical faith stems from the opposition alleged to exist between (on one hand) reason and scientific method and (on the other hand) faith, the Bible, revelation, and the Church.  But the truth is quite the opposite -- that science as a culturally sustained, community-supported search for truth cannot be sustained apart from a Biblical foundation.  The western flight from reason and hostility to science from the1960's on comes from our abandonment of the original Biblical foundations.  Reason and science will not survive in public discussion apart from God.  Only the restoration of those Godly foundations will restore our belief in a reasonable world in which scientific methods make sense.   

        Dr. Fox received his doctorate from Oxford University on the relation between science and theology, and is well qualified to present these issues to lay audiences and in a manner that will be useable by persons who wish to uphold the Biblical position in reasonable public discussion.  

        Dr. Fox's book, Reason, Revelation, and Politics (see Shopping Mall, Politics section), gives some of the history of how God is using scientific method to set His people free.  His doctoral thesis, Personality, Empiricism, and God, will be available through the ROAD to EMMAUS==>> at sometime in the future.  

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            after examining the financial arrangements suggested below, drop an e-mail message asking for more details on scheduling, costs, etc.  

Financial arrangements

E-mail to: emmfox@juno.com     Tel: 703 765-7862    Fax: 703 765-7863
or Write:  Emmaus Ministries, 2605 Schooley Dr., Alexandria, VA 22306

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