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A Christian Apologetics Website

Welcome, Fellow Travelers!

The ROAD to EMMAUS is being continually reformatted and reinvigorated (begun first at the Episcopal General Convention in Indianapolis, August 1994) to provide user-friendly information for persons seeking a reasonable and vital understanding of the Christian faith.

We hope you will enjoy your walk with us.  Read on for suggestions on how to avoid potholes and detours....  


No, "apologetics" does not mean: "Excuse me for being a Christian..." It means trying to show that being a Christian is the only rational response to life, presenting the case for Christian claims reasonably -- from the Greek "logos" meaning "reason" or "word" -- as, "In the beginning was the Word...."   John 1:1.  

ROAD to EMMAUS has been set up with three purposes in mind -- to present the logical and empirical case that:  

1. explains how God holds the intellectual, moral, and spiritual high ground (all three), how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is in fact the truth about life, and how following Jesus on the Way of the Cross is the supremely rational (logical & factual) way to live;   

2. supports Christians on the front lines in a world where anti-God forces have grown bold and open; 

3. promotes candid, mutually respectful discussion with persons who are truth-seekers of other persuasions.

God alone holds the intellectual, moral, and spiritual high ground, and wants to teach us how to stand there with Him.   That high ground is the Kingdom. 

These three aims are what Christian "apologetics" is about -- the attempt to present the Christian faith as the supremely reasonable response to the logical and empirical evidence of life. The aim of The ROAD is, then, to facilitate communication between those who want to find the truth concerning the volatile issues we face in and out of the Church -- to help turn the INFORMATI0N Highway into a WISDOM Highway. But wisdom and communication do not come easily, as you quickly find out when tempers rise, or when the "other side" does not want to listen -- or, they think you do not, or we, ourselves get stubborn.

The material below is offered to facilitate honesty and candor. Read the following (and also "Luke 24", "Compassion & Truth," and " The Gentle Victory") carefully. Re-read when you get frustrated at what you see happening in public debate.

Great causes are not won by slogans. While there is a place for good "one-liners", we must also produce substance behind those one-liners, showing that we can uphold our position reasonably when asked, "HOW DO YOU KNOW...?" That takes time, and, sometimes, blood, sweat, and tears.

Items on the ROAD are often highly compressed information which will take more than a browsing to digest. So do not be afraid to reread and to work at understanding so that you can communicate. The fruit is extraordinary.

Jesus, the "unseen Christ", walked with two disciples on the road to Emmaus after his resurrection ( Luke 24).  Life-giving communication is likewise two persons walking together under the protection and authority of the unseen Christ to hear truth.  Then the "information highway" becomes a "wisdom highway".

The ROAD TO EMMAUS is for those who believe that clear thinking is a gift of the Spirit, not a temptation of the devil, that intellectual integrity is a requirement of spiritual maturity.  "Come, let us reason together...," God beckoned to the Hebrews, and now to us all.

To some, this all may seem a bit more "philosophical" and "heady" than necessary. But the ROAD is about apologetics, and apologetics is about thinking clearly. And our incapacity to think clearly (so we could not speak boldly) has been THE major reason why we Christians lost The-Battle-for-the-20th-Century.  "Someone" has been playing with our minds.

This will be a challenge to those religious folks who believe that careful reasoning is a sell-out to secularism, and to secular folks who believe that a religious faith is a sell-out to mindlessness. But read on....  



Many of you who are not Christians may be wondering if you will fit into this scheme of things. If you are a truth-seeker, you already fit.

Those are God's terms, not mine. "Come, let us reason together," He calls. You present your case, and He will present His.  Or, we all present what we think God is saying about a matter in hopes that the real truth will emerge out of honest discussion.  My commitment is that there is a real truth to find.  Truth is not as hard to get as many today are bemoaning.  It takes self-discipline, long hours, and hard work.  But so what?  So does building a city, getting a degree, or raising kids.

So, whoever you are, come join us.  If you do not identify the Truth as Jesus, the Messiah, that is between you and Whoever-the-Truth is.  I can tell you what I know about Him.  But it is up to Him to reveal Himself to you.

We can only share our own testimony, evidence, logic, etc., and trust that God is big enough to handle our confusion and make Himself known in the process for anyone who really wants to know.  


You will find the basic Biblical worldview out of which I am operating described in several place.  A whole library will be devoted to Worldview Issues.  But you will find connecting links scattered all through the material. Most of my materials are putting that worldview to work in various areas.

I have spent much of my 70 years searching -- for the knockdown, drag out argument against the orthodox Biblical faith.  My conclusion is that such an argument does not exist -- except in the phantasy of most westerners.  On every item of major importance, the Biblical view wins hands down -- in any open, honest discussion where the logical and empirical evidence is presented.

I believe it glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ to uphold our intellectual integrity, to come to Him as honest truth-seekers -- which is how He calls us.  I have embarked on the ROAD to EMMAUS project to put this belief to public test.

So test for yourself.   And have a good time!  

Peace and Blessings....
Earle Fox

Webmaster: the Rev. Earle Fox, D. Phil.
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