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NOTE: Our old website has been taken down for rebuilding.
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         T-Shirt Evangelism sells tshirts (sweatshirts and hoodies coming) printed with captions of various themes (see below, column on left).  We want to upgrade the bumper-sticker mentality of much evangelism, and raise substantial and honestly helpful issues with people we meet.  For more, see our TShirtEvangelism Home Page, Mission Statement, and Role Playing. 

For more information on The Road to Emmaus or Earle Fox, go to the Emmaus Page.

          Evangelists -- here you will find resources for spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, and of the whole Biblical worldview.  

          [NOTE: the following resources are currently not functioning until rebuild is finished. 
Many of the backup pages for T-ShirtEvangelism and Christian TShirts are here on theRoadtoEmmaus.org, such as the Discussion Forum and various ReSource Pages. 
By clicking on appropriate links, you move seamlessly back and forth.]

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T-Shirt Themes

1. The Sword of the Spirit

2. Godly Politics

3. Science & Cosmology

4. Economics

5. Sex & Gender

6. Education

7. Pro-Life

8. Worldview

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Mission Statement

Role Playing

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CONTENTS here on the Road to Emmaus

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Other Road BackUp ReSources

1. Spiritual Warfare

2. Politics

3. Science

4. Philosophy

5. Economics

6. Sex & Gender (Social & Moral issues) )

7. Sex & Gender (Theological issues)

8. Education

9. Pro-Life

10. Biblical Worldview

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