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TShirts to View

TShirt Prices: $15.00 + $3.00 postage

Here are the available TShirts, with more on their way.   Our Website is being rebuilt with more bells and whistles.   

To purchase, contact The Road to Emmaus.   We currently sell only with checks or cash (if on site).   A full-fledged website is on the way with Credit Card capability via Pay Pal. 

All T's are $15.00 except as noted below.  

            Child:  Small, Medium, Large: 
            Adult:  Small, Medium, Large, XLarge (larger sizes available on special order + extra cost) 

Color:  Standard is White.   Other colors can be ordered at extra cost.   But the colors of the T might not come through as well. 



              TS01 - The Sword of the Spirit  #01SS01                              TS01 - The Sword of the Spirit   #01SS02 



                 TS02 - Godly Politics   #02Pol01                                         TS02 - Godly Politics   #02Pol05 



           TS03 - Science & Worldview   #03Sci01                                          TS04 -  Economics  #04Ec01 



                TS05 - Sex & Gender    #05SX01                                               TS06 - Education   #06Ed01 



                           TS08 - Morality    #08Mrl01                                  TS09 - Other Religions      #09OtRel01


                                                                         TS07 - Pro-Life   #07Lf01 

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Date Posted -  08/04/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/20/2012