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Abortion, the Bible, & America
Reclaiming & Rebuilding the
Intellectual, Moral, & Spiritual Integrity
of We, the People

- Your Worldview makes the Difference -

F. Earle Fox

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The book is an extended discussion (about 88 pages) of why pseudo-conservatives have  been unable to mount an effective offense against the brutal and criminal killing of unborn babies.  "Pseudo-" because they do not seem able or willing to conserve much. 

The reasons for failure are quite simple -- when one sees them.  We have been brain-washed to disbelieve our own Biblical worldview and faith -- at least outside the church doors,  ...misled by pastors who do not teach that worldview and faith within those doors, ...and often sidetracked by our own comfort-seeking and timidity. 

We have opposed science and reason against Biblical faith when Biblical faith is the only religion/philosophy sustained by either science or faith.  The Biblical worldview produced the first free-market-of-ideas, leading to the founding of the great medieval universities (Rome, Paris, London, Oxford, Cambridge), out of which came science.  God, not secular philosophers, owns the intellectual high ground.  See The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific World on how to handle this issue.

Christians MUST regain their intellectual credibility and moral backbone, i.e., the public confidence that we are first truth-tellers before we are "position-defenders".  We cannot expect to have the true position if we are not first seekers of truth.  Truth-seeking and truth-telling are what intellectual credibility is about.  Truth-seeking is the only way to get to the Godly "position".   All else is wandering in the dark.  The Kingdom of God is built on truth, or it is not built at all.  It is that important. 

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Date Posted - 12/17/2010   -   Date Last Edited - 04/08/2013