Biblical Sexuality
& the Battle for Science

F. Earle Fox

Biblical Sexuality & the Battle for Science challenges the fraudulent scientific undergirding of the sex-revolution.

Chapter One - Sexuality & Family Life: the Biblical Roots - spells out the chasm of difference between the Biblical and secular/pagan worldviews which leads to exactly contrary view of human sexuality. The Biblical view is based on morally responsible relationship, the secular/pagan on feeling. The chapter then discusses the changes in Western culture shifting away from authority and truth towards pluralism and relativism.

Chapter Two - Inclusion & Exclusion: the Biblical Way - discusses the false nature of the sexuality dialogue process promoted by most denominations, and the alleged difference between the "pastoral" and "juridical" modes of debate, exploring more deeply the worldview issues. Secularized science is the problem for Christians, not science itself. The Biblical view of sexuality has far more honest science to recommend it than does the secular/pagan view. Only the Biblical view can offer a reasonable, objective, and workable definition of 'masculine' and 'feminine'. The Biblical view has an understanding of a workable inclusiveness and truth-seeking which the secular/pagan world cannot sustain.

Chapter Three - Science: the Poisoned Well - describes the spiritual battle for honest science, and investigates a primary tap-root of poison being sluiced into the scientific arena and the public arena --  the fraudulent and criminal work of Alfred Kinsey.

Biblical Sexuality & the Battle for Science uses the situation in the Episcopal Church as an illustration of the sexuality debacle rampant in Western society.

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