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Biblical Inner Healing

A Biblical challenge to the secular world
on their interpretation of human nature
& the necessary role of God in emotional healing

How we get emotionally and spiritually sick
and how God makes us well....

F. Earle Fox

ISBN #0-945778-02-3  Paperback - 516 pp. 
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ISBN #0-945778-02-3

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Biblical Inner Healing helps fill a gaping hole in the Christian understanding of human nature by bringing together science and theology.  Dr. Fox honors the credible insights of empirical psychology, but draws them into the worldview of the Bible, where persons, not things, are the fundamental objects of life, and values focus on righteous and loving relationships, not on "feeling good". 

Morality (our reason for being) is fundamental to, not an enemy of, emotional health, as secular folks have often thought.  The Biblical worldview, the law and the grace of God, provide the only reasonable context in which we can fully understand what it means to be healthy, how we get broken, and how we can become again the whole and holy persons God intends.

Biblical Inner Healing is intended for those in pursuit of their own wholeness and holiness, as well as a textbook for university and seminary students.  Biblical Inner Healing has study guides for each chapter, recommendations for local church use, and practical suggestions for developing the reader's personal spiritual and emotional integration. 

See a relevant reference to Biblical Inner Healing in an article on Harry Potter.   

See page on Abraham Maslow, one of the founders of humanist psychology.  Q:  How should Christians respond?  Much of Biblical Inner Healing was written to answer that question. 

And...  Freud & Religion: a Psycho-Historical Reality Check -- a response to Freud on religion. 

      TV Show Turns Trollops into Genteel Ladies ---  Amazing evidence on power of imagination and inner healing 


Below is a "review" copied on 8/11/09 from the Amazon.com website where Biblical Inner Healing is for sale. 

"How to achieve the abundant life:    
        This book is second to the bible in terms of how to live your life.   In contrast to many books on healing, it lays out the principles needed to understand how to live the abundant life. The rules and strategies of many other books are not only difficult to remember but fail to apply to many situations we meet in our lives.  Although some sections may be difficult going, the rewards are so great that following through is well worth the effort.    Dr. Fox has made a great contribution to humanity."    Submitted by "Happy" from Dallas, TX,  May 12, 2008

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